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In true America’s Got Talent fashion, our expectations were raised during last week’s results episode.  This wouldn’t be the show we’re tortuously devoted to if it didn’t excel at wasting time.  This week, that means an extensive recap of all the performances and painstaking interviews with contestants.  It’s not that we don’t care about everyone’s feelings; we’d just rather be entertained.  After 15 minutes of squandered airtime the only useful bit of information gleaned was the broken foot of a member of the Chicago Boyz.  Normally a tirade about whatever useless segment about the judges would appear now, but this week the few minutes spent with Heidi Klum and Mel B remarking on the competition on the whole didn’t seem long enough.  They’re charming, engaging, and hilarious—AGT’s stock rose astronomically when these ladies joined the ranks. Typically Nick Cannon didn’t disappoint our need to badger his stylist; his hot pink suit, lavender shirt and mint tie were pure comedy.

Right about here is where we would normally praise/complain about last night’s guest performers.  Unfortunately too much time was spent wondering who was running the camera on Jason Derulo to take note of his performance.  Jason’s voice was okay and there certainly was some sort of exuberant physical show being put on.  Too bad the cameraman was too busy shooting a corner of the stage and part of the rafters for that to matter.  A couple of the flips were seen, but often in the middle of a more elaborate move, the camera would zoom in on a spec of hair, obstructing the quality part of the performance from view.  If Jason Derulo were wise he’d start checking for some haunting phantom following him around, ruining whatever televised performances he can scrounge up.  That being said “The Other Side” wasn’t the flashy success it wanted to be.  Sometimes you just can’t ignore a couple off key moments.

Results: this whole episode is pointless without them.  As if fulfilling the prophecy we made yesterday, the first slot in the semi-finals went to American Military Spouses Choir.  This is a talent based competition, not one of sentiment.  Often contestant’s stories weigh heavily on how America votes–look at how Marty Brown was saved last week.  Still, fans can’t cry about the lack of quality talent in the finals if emotions are going to rule the voting.  Maybe the sting of their victory was harsh because it meant the loss of a truly talented band Brandon & Savannah.  If AGT does another second chance episode this season they should be on the roster.  Next, Kenichi Eniba won a space, followed soon after by Jonathan Allen.  Sadly another gifted hopeful fell through the cracks; let’s hope Deanna DellaCioppa gets a shot at that yet-to-be-announced second chance show as well.  The viewer’s left the fate of Misti Dancing School and the Chicago Boyz up to the judges.  Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum all voted the Chicago Boyz in, rendering Mel B’s opinion useless.  Though everyone should be thankful the judges finally made a decision, yet another week has passed where true stars are falling from the competition.  Wise up before the competition is plunged into a dark hopeless night.