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America’s Got Talent gets serious during the semi-finals but luckily our favorite acts have a better chance of making it to the finals.  Instead of the usual four available slots, six acts gained passage to the finals.  The most anticipated announcement of the evening turned out to be the biggest disappointment.  Howard Stern’s wildcard pick, the last chance at redemption for every deserving act cast out of the competition, went to the magical duo Leon & Remi.  Much like how we felt at the sight of Nick Cannon’s shiny turquoise suit, we expected more.  What about those awesomely wonderful kids Brandon & Savannah?  One day they’ll get this whole let’s choose contestants based on talent thing right.

NBC has never been shy about cross-promotion so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the winner of The Voice would perform on AGT.  Emerging from a cloud of fake fog, Cassadee Pope took to the stage in a glittering form-fitting dress.  Her song “Wasting All These Tears” felt a dash more like pop than country, but practically every genre sounds like bubblegum music these days. Cassadee’s advice as a former competitor reminded AGT’s hopefuls that the real hard work begins after the competition ends.  Of course, when One Direction is in the building all any other guest performer could hope to be is an opening act.  Was there anyone else in Radio City Music Hall but young screaming girls?  Their fans were so loud at the start of “Best Song Ever” the background music was practically nonexistent.  Those girls know all the words though, which makes it a lot harder to try and ignore their song in case you were wondering.  The very best thing to be said about One Direction’s excuse to promote their new movie performance is it ended almost as soon as it began.

Results are our bread and butter though; without them this night is one big music video advertisement.  Innovative Force was the first act to win a slot in the top 12.  Forte followed immediately afterwards surprising absolutely no one.  Howie Mandel boldly predicted Forte will win the competition but we’re pretty sure there’s a whole thing about counting eggs before they hatch that works here.  Those guys are great but we’re leaving room in our hearts for someone to sweep us away. 

Collins Key was the next to join the ranks of the top 12—that teen heartthrob’s fate was sealed long ago.  After a terrifying few seconds where it looked like Collins pushed him out of the competition Taylor Williamson and all his Taylords got the good news that he’s headed for the top 12 as well.  Cami Bradley slid into the fifth slot and thank goodness, because without her this whole thing would be utterly pointless. 

That left Dave Fenley and Catapult Entertainment hoping for the judges’ favor.  For once they were actually able to make a decision and of course, it was the wrong one.  Though they all complained the Catapult’s story was too convoluted, Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel pushed Catapult Entertainment through, leaving Mel B. to bid adieu to her beloved DaveNext week twelve fight for their last chance at the big time.  Choose well America.