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If you thought America’s Got Talent was beyond doing useless segments in the name of comedy, you thought wrong.  Of course, this dribble is rarely funny; it’s all about filling holes in AGT’s air time.  Luckily the only person NBC has dragged into the minutia is Howie Mandel—the longer the other judges resist the longer we go without looking at them begrudgingly.  Also, now begins the wavering quality of Nick Cannon’s ensembles.  Since Tuesday night’s was a disaster, yesterday’s suit was a simple blue three piece suit.  It wasn’t the best, but rest assured it will be far from the worst.

Perhaps Nick Cannon should steal his friend Robin Thicke’s stylist: his look was much more refined.  A simple black jacket with shiny embroidery, black slacks, and an unbuttoned white shirt speaks volumes.  Not that it needed them to—his hit single “Blurred Lines” is doing all the talking for him.  If you’ve turned a radio on anywhere in the country in the past two months chances are you’ve heard the tune.  As this summer’s unofficial anthem one could always stand to hear it again, and since you’d be hearing it whether or not you like it you might as well lean into it and enjoy.  The audience certainly did: everyone was on their feet, including Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Mel B and Howie Mandel.  The same could be said for Brad Paisley’s performance later on.  His debut of the country ballad “I Can’t Change the World” didn’t warrant dancing, but it was no less beautiful.  We have no idea what AGT did to snag not only one superstar but two for a single results show.  It would be good of them not to raise the caliber of guest performers only to beat us over the head with some mediocre stage filler next week.

Results, results, results—anything else we see on Wednesday’s show is just a time consuming distraction.  The first group to gain passage to the next round was the deserving Innovative Force.  Unfortunately their win meant saying goodbye to the Aquanuts—we were sure those young ladies could win the votes.  Apparently America agreed that Marty Brown deserved another shot.  Country music is popular nationwide, and Marty’s charm and humility makes him an easy target for admiration.  As surprising as it is to learn that America has a forgiving heart, the loss of Alexandr Magala is horrible.  Worthy acts are moving on, but for the second week in a row we can’t help feeling like the loss of Alexandr will echo throughout the rest of the competition.  Soon after Forte earned the next slot in the semi-finals, leaving Angela Hoover and Tone the Chiefrocca’s fate up to the judges.  For the second week in a row the judges’ votes were split down the middle, again leaving their fate to the viewer’s votes.  Thanks to America Angela Hoover can call herself a semi-finalist.  If this keeps up America would do well to remember that their votes are the most important thing in the competition.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to make someone a star.