Danny Twisted Out with the In-Crowd Season 1 Episode 11

In “Out with the In-Crowd,” the summer finale of Twisted season 1, the question must be asked, “Who is Jo Masterson?” Is she the nerdy scholar usually found studying in the diner with her hapless lap dog best friend Rico, or is she the party girl taking body shots at Regina Crane’s party? Is she the love sick teenager from last week’s “Poison of Interest” or is she the assertive third wave feminist in tonight’s “Out with the In-Crowd”? Is she the stalwart friend we’ve seen her be to Danny all season or is she the capricious nightmare she was to Lacey in the early episodes?

Not even Jo Masterson seems to know, which is why when she looked into her best friend Rico’s eyes after he confesses to loving her, after kissing her, and unbeknownst to him not an hour after she lost her virginity on a (quasi) second date, I was nervous that ABC Family was taking Jo Masterson to a dark place. To a place where she ameliorates the pain inflicted by her best friend Danny’s rejection with mindless physical pleasures without a thought for what that would do to the happiness of others.

Luckily, this is ABC Family and even though this show was originally called “socio,” it still can’t quite handle a serious destructively meaningless sex subplot, so we’ll just have to go back to watching Degrassi: TNG for a guideline on how not to behave in our teenage years.

In a surprising narrative move, the importance of the loss of Jo’s virginity was downplayed in this episode, and if I felt this was attempt by ABC Family to take pressure off of teenagers and their forays into sexuality, I might applaud this choice. The reality, however, is that Jo was unnecessary to the narrative this week. Despite supposedly being our main character, other than yelling at Danny and Lacey for lying to her (and even sparing 10% of her ire for Rico) and eventually losing her virginity to that gorgeous piece of man that is Phoebe’s brother Tyler, Jo didn’t have much to do this week.

But while Jo’s role in the mystery ground to a halt when she put the kibosh on her friendship with Danny and Lacey, Mama Masterson’s role blew up in our faces. Due in part to the results of last night’s Pretty Little Liars finale, I realized early in the episode that only one character in this show seems entirely like a sweet but blank canvas in this story. And on ABC Family that can only be a beacon of suspicion. So when at the end of the episode, Tess Masterson dialed a phone number inscribed on the bottom of one of her hippy-dippy pottery projects, we knew that things were just getting started. Welcome to the table, Tess, get your poker face ready for season 1B.

Out with the In-Crowd

The most surprising aspect of this season finale was how eventful it wasn’t. I have come to expect more from Twisted than what was delivered in “Out With the In-Crowd.” Like other fans I expected another death this episode; I expected real insight into the Regina Crane murder; darn it, I expected to meet Vikram Desai in the present day! But it was not to be.

Lacey and Danny were more concerned with getting to the bottom of The Mothball Poisoning Incident of 2013. (Real question: what teenager knows what mothballs are? What teenager knows that they’re poisonous? What teenager knows where to buy mothballs? Lucy Pevensie had to climb to the back of a damn wardrobe to get her hands on some, and that was back in 1950 when people actually used mothballs.)

Lacey uses her newfound status as school pariah to convince everyone in a public display of aggravation that she hates Danny. Admittedly, it was smart to use what would be perceived as her anger at being shunned to turn the tables on her old friends. And the plan was perfect: she and Danny had clearly gone over the right way to phrase her accusations to make people believe her outburst, but it was clear in both Danny and Lacey’s eyes that she went off script when she yells, “I wish you had never come back here. I wish I had never known you.”

Way to sell it, girl. But is there any coming back from that?

Maybe so. After Archie sees that Lacey and Danny have publicly fallen out, he swoops back to her side, easily spilling the beans that he and his co-captain are the ones who poisoned Cole. Not that anyone still thought it was Danny, Cole later admits. So when Danny confronts Archie so the whole restaurant hears that Archie was the poisoning culprit, it looks like Danny just might be able to return to Green Grove High.

That is, until our least favorite Mayor-appointed special investigator turns up evidence that connects Danny to Regina’s murder. When Karen gets word of this news, she’s quick to use her recently acquired blackmail money (long story short, she’s blackmailing her boss) to arrange for her and Danny to leave town, but there isn’t enough time. Last we see of him, Danny absconds out a window.

But how long will that evidence stand up when word gets out that our newly appointed special investigator is in the Mayor’s pocket? Late in the episode when Phoebe proves she’s the only good friend that Lacey needs, she also reveals a story in which Regina, deeply scratched and bleeding, got out of a black Mercedes with Pennsylvania plates; the same car we would later see the special investigator driving.

Doesn’t anyone watch Buffy? It’s always the Mayor at the root of evil.


  • When Jo initially tells Tyler that she isn’t interested in hooking up he says, “Just remember, I’m crazy about you.” In this show, I’m more inclined to imagine there was a menacing emphasis on the “crazy” in that sentence. Was anyone else surprised by how quickly Jo pulled Tyler’s shirt off? I guess I wasn’t either; have you seen that guy?
  • Admit it, who was surprised by Tess’ apparent involvement in the Vikram fake-death? How terribly does this shade Tess after all that time she spent cozying up to Karen this season?
  • Poor Chief Masterson, always getting walked all over.
  • And seriously, Sarita needs to watch herself because it’s way past time Lacey went on the warpath.

What did you think of season 1A of Twisted? Did “Out with the In-Crowd” live up to the season finale expectations you’d built up? Though I’m disappointed with the end of the episode, I’m excited to see a different side to Mrs. Masterson, and I’m excited to see how Jo’s choice to sleep with Tyler will affect her come 1B. Do you think she and Tyler will become an item? Or do you, like Chief Masterson, not trust Tyler’s intentions? Do you see a little crazy in those eyes? And where the heck did Danny run off to, anyway? You’ll just have to wait and see when Twisted returns.