Although anybody can come up with the names of a couple of films like Getaway, it has more in common with video games featuring cars that end up as twisted metal. As a matter of fact, Twisted Metal could be the first thing that comes to mind after seeing lots of cars crashing, and it figures that that game had barely any context, because a hint of a narrative is all Getaway has. Couldn’t anyone have drawn inspiration from Grand Theft Auto?

The plot centers on a criminal (Jon Voight) conducting business with a racecar driver (Ethan Hawke) by arranging for a crew to abduct his wife (Rebecca Budig) and explaining the circumstances on his cellphone. Before he can see his wife, he’ll have to follow his demands, which bring him to commandeer a car and careen into areas that have a bunch of folks in the way. Despite his instructions to avoid cops, it’s a fool’s errand considering the Christmas displays he has to drive into.

A quick breather is all it takes for the owner (Selena Gomez) to catch him, but after the captor demands he keep the car, she comes with him into another area he’ll have to bust up, and although he doesn’t have a clue how come anybody would have him damage all that property, that he’s headed for a bank clears away the confusion about what he’s after.

It’s difficult to evaluate the acting, given the material everybody has to compete against. In place of characters and drama, the film delivers crashes that allow daredevils behind the scenes to bathe in the limelight. Even Voight doesn’t get a lot of screen time – apart from close-ups examining details of his face. The film gave itself away as box-office bait as soon as it featured an actor phoning it in.