The Truth Will Out

Believe it or not, Chief Kyle Masterson is concerned about wrangling the truth out of the byzantine plot that is the Regina Crane murder. This may surprise you considering the chief has done nothing but hound Danny Desai for the murder, even though there’s no evidence to suggest Danny killed Regina. Just kidding! It’s not until this episode that we realize just how much proof actually does point to Danny in the Regina murder, and it’s not until this episode that Chief Masterson seems the least bit likable (or good at his job). In episode 9, “The Truth Will Out,” Chief Masterson teams up with Danny to prove that Danny’s mother Karen didn’t commit the murder as she says she did. On the girl front, Jo tries to carve out a solid friendship with Lacey, but runs into one big hurdle.

Karen confessing to the murder of Regina smells intensely of convenience—there’s no way she’s going down for this murder, and she doesn’t seem to understand that her confession makes her son look even guiltier than he already does. Clearly this confession is meant to serve a means to an end, and by the end of the episode our Three Musketeers divulge “The Blackmail Letter” to Chief Masterson, and Danny gets the chief to acknowledge that there may be another suspect out there for the murder of Regina. Progress, right?

Karen spends the day in the strangest holding room ever—Queen-sized bed, half-kitchen deal going on—and reflects on how she has failed as a mother. She wanted a daughter and was never coy about it, and personally I think she’s a bit of an alcoholic, but the show doesn’t seem to want to tackle that one just yet. But really, vodka night, Karen?

Eventually, just as we knew she would, she confesses about her confession—she was lying.

While Karen is still considered a suspect—but not so much so that Chief Masterson will arrest her—Danny is told he may have to go live with his grandmother in Arizona. He may have to leave Green Grove. He’s not having it. And neither is Jo: during a conversation with Rico she divulges that she won’t know what to do without Danny in her life. A little dramatic for someone who only stepped back into your life a few months ago, but okay, Jo.

Rico of course says, “You have me,” but Jo’s eyes make it blindingly clear that’s not good enough. Poor Rico.

Back at the Green Grove police department, Masterson and his trusty deputy uncover how Karen may not have known about Vikram’s Connecticut apartment: he paid for it with a business account. That same account withdrew $2000—the exact amount in “the letter”—the day the letter was sent.

Aha! But does that mean Vikram sent it?

And later, when Danny confesses to Jo and Lacey that he had the necklace, that it had been left in his locker, Lacey breaks up with him and even Jo—the ever loyal Jo Masterson!—walks away from him. He didn’t need to move to Arizona to lose his friends, Danny Desai found out that lyig will do that for you.


  • Where were our girls this episode? At Lacey’s house attending her younger sister Clara’s (whom I’m still not convinced actually exists) birthday party. The party is notable for attracting Lacey’s dad, who lives in Seattle, and for pairing Jo and Lacey socially. Jo is trying to forge a lasting friendship, even going to so far as to ask that they remain friends even if Danny does have to go to Arizona. We think at first that Jo discovering Lacey’s father is gay (he’s found making out in the pantry with Clara’s gymnastics coach) will present a problem, but eventually it brings them closer together.
  • Danny and Masterson’s quest to prove Karen’s innocence eventually leads back to the school principal. You know, the one that seemed so obsessed with brushing Karen’s hair earlier in the season. Danny learns that Karen entered into the relationship with the principal—we’re not sure if it was sexual or not—to ensure Danny could attend Green Grove High. (It’s public school, they can’t say no!)
  • Danny and Lacey have matching hair, we should have known they’d end up together. And when did Danny get his ear pierced? In juvie? A prequel about Danny’s time in juvie must be in the works, right?
  • Karen to Danny: “I need to be a good mother this time.” The emotions of Twisted never quite hit the mark, but this line delivered by Denise Richards really provided some heart twinges.
  • Throughout the episode, Lacey tries to tell Jo that she and Danny are dating, but can never manage to divulge the secret. This is going to blow up in everyone’s face, isn’t it? Yes, and it’s going to be twisted.
  • Last but never least: a mysterious benefactor sends Rico the video that was made last episode of Lacey and Danny hooking up. What will he do with it?! I think he’ll hold on to it and try and devise a way for it not to come to light and hurt Jo.

So what did you think of “The Truth Will Out?” Not enough truth for me, but what with the season finale swiftly approaching, I smell much more truth on the horizon, what about you? Leave your comments about “The Truth Will Out” below.