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Nick Cannon spoke the truth in his welcome: to lose at this stage of America’s Got Talent would be heartbreaking.  Scratch that, it will be devastating because six acts are head home no matter what.  With only a week left, nothing is more important than who makes it through.  However for NBC inspiring a returning fan base is job one, so Nick took to the streets to look for talent for season nine.  America, there are always talented people just around the corner, as evident by those two daredevil pogo stick athletes.  There were only two of them, but the jumps and flips they performed on the sidewalk were far more thrilling than we were expecting.  Hey exec’s, if you’re really searching for good acts for Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B., and Howie Mandel to judge next year you might want to give those guys a call.

Whoever wins this season can expect to return to the AGT stage in the future.  Whenever the producers need to fill and empty spot in a results show lineup or promote a former act, someone from their extensive roster of stars from the past is plundered.  Last season’s winners, Olate Dogs were the first guest performers to grace the stage last night.  As usual those dogs have learned some amazing new tricks, a favorite of ours being the conga line.  Back flips aren’t a new feat for the pups, but it certainly looks like those flips have gotten even higher.  Also returning to the stage was season two winner Terry Fator.  We weren’t shackled to the beast that is AGT back then, but it’s obvious Terry’s a skilled singer, comedian, impressionist, and ventriloquist.  Hearing of both the former champion’s successes should have been inspiration for the hopefuls waiting backstage; soon one of them will be sharing the same destiny.

The first cut is always the deepest.  When the first pairing walked up—Chicago Boyz and Kenichi Ebina—our heart plummeted.  We may not agree with all of Kenichi performances but it’s quite obvious that he has a large fan base.  Predictably that led to Kenichi Ebina’s name being the first announced for the final six.  Quickly after Innovative Force and Cami Bradley stepped up to learn their fates; again he result seemed glaringly obvious.  Graciously, Cami Bradley accepted the honor everyone was anxious to give her.   Nothing could prepare us for the third group to hear their results, The Krisstef Brothers and Taylor Williamson.  Howard said it best—if either one is absent from the finals then America got it wrong.  Taylor Williamson got the spot he deserved, but The Krisstef Brothers were dismissed too soon.  The next pairing was obviously pointed, with the last opera singers in the competition—Branden James and Forte—stepped up for judgment.  As everyone guessed, Forte won the night.  A stomach churning pairing, Jimmy Rose and D’Angelo and Amanda, made America’s intentions clear.  Even though we saw a clear opportunity for those talented teens to slip into the finals, Jimmy Rose got the spot that voters saved just for him.  That only left Catapult Entertainment and Collins Key but for once we weren’t concerned.  Collins Key was the last act to join the ranks of the final six.  Next week it’s all over; get ready folks, we have a feeling the finale will be nothing short of spectacular.