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On the one hand we’d love to complain (again) about America’s Got Talent’s insistence on recapping the previous episode during every results show.  Considering the excruciatingly boring segments the producers used to inflict on viewers, this is practically a fairytale.  Perhaps the scene about Howard Stern and Howie Mandel’s burgeoning bromance could have been put in that same annoying column.  Since the whole thing evolved into another praise session for perfect additions Heidi Klum and Mel B. it wasn’t nearly as bothersome as it could have been.  Of course after Howie and Howard’s shouting match and the subsequent make-up make-out session during Tuesday night’s episode leant credibility to the notion that any time spent poking fun at those two couldn’t be considered wasted.  Howard even took care of insulting the segment and Nick Cannon’s close himself, knowingly rushing producers to get back to Nick’s short pants and sparkly shoes—also known as the action.

If you’ve been missing Fall Out Boy they kicked out their sold out arena tour with a guest performance spot on AGT.  Their performance of “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” reminded us why the band never should have taken a break in the first place.  The group has just as much liveliness for a splashy slightly punk tune as it always has.   Former contestant Team iLuminate was able to own the later performance slot with their flashy dance routine.  Their illuminating technology looked more refined they when they were competing.  Team iLuminate’s routines also benefit from looser time constraints—with more than ninety seconds to work with they were able to showcase a number of different dance styles before breaking into an energizing group performance.  Practice has certainly done them well.

The first result cut deep; without a doubt Branden James has the voice to compete in the Top 12, but losing Timber Brown so early didn’t feel like a good omen.   When the Chicago Boyz and The KrisStef Brothers were called up together it looked like more heartbreak was on the way.  Luckily they both were given passage to the Top 12.  Marty Brown and Jimmy Rose were paired to receive results—Jimmy Rose got the good news.  Shocking no one anywhere Kenichi Ebina was the next to make it into the next round.  What was surprising was the revelation that for some reason Illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy Low would be performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  It was hard to wonder who made that mistake when it became obvious that the fate of the two child acts, D’Angelo & Amanda and Anna Christine, would be left up to the judges.  Heidi went with D’Angelo & Amanda while Howard and Mel B. sided with Anna Christine.  Continuing in the judges’ unanimous unspoken decision to split the vote whenever a hard decision came their way this season, Howie chose D’Angelo & Amada.  The winner of the last space in the Top 12 won by half a perfect of America’s votes and we’re so happy that it was D’Angelo & Amanda.  Next week is going to be some show guys.