Just weeks before production was scheduled to begin on Fifty Shades of Grey, the film’s eponymous Christian Grey himself, Charlie Hunnam, announced he would be dropping out of the role. Hunnam, also known as Jax on Sons of Anarchy, cited his heavy television schedule for his departure, saying he felt that he couldn’t give the part the attention that it demanded while also attending to his other duties.

Other, more likely scenarios: Hunnam had some downtime this weekend and finally got the chance to crack open Fifty Shades of Grey and immediately called his agent when he realized what he had got himself into, or the intense pressure of being part of the film was too much to handle and he didn’t want to be connected to it for the rest of his career.

Whatever happened (hopefully we’ll find out one day that it wasn’t just boring scheduling conflicts), it means that Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia Steele is in desperate need of a new Christian Grey. The Fifty Shades fan base is if nothing but vocal about their casting desires, so they will definitely make it clear if the new Christian is not up to par. But for now, let’s speculate on potential replacements.

Matt Bomer

Not only is the Magic Mike and White Collar star almost nauseatingly handsome, but he has been the number one pick to play the domineering Mr. Grey by Fifty Shades fans since news of a film surfaced. Fan art has been created in his likeness. A petition went up, demanding he be casted instead of Hunnam. Though Bomer hasn’t expressed any interest in the part publically, maybe it’s time to reconsider?

Ian Somerhalder

The star of the Vampire Diaries is no stranger to dominance and brooding after steaming up television screens as Damon on the CW series. Physically, Somerhalder is just right for the part. Mentally, however, it’s unclear if he’d be able to make the commitment to the role; if what Hunnam said about his television schedule being too demanding to take the part, then this might be the case as well.

Alex Pettyfer

Known as “the kid” in Magic Mike, or that younger stripper who did way too much ecstasy and ruined Channing Tatum’s furniture-building hopes and dreams, Pettyfer has a baby face, but a serious demeanor to go along with it. It’s perfect for the part of Christian – though he’s powerful and intimidating, he’s actually not that much older than Anastasia. It’s all about how you present yourself.

Scott Eastwood

This is a choice that’s not on the fandom’s radar, but maybe he should be under consideration. Did they ever see those pictures that surfaced of a very attractive Eastwood posing for Town & Country? Clint’s son has been in several successful movies at this point, and is next seen in Brad Pitt’s war epic Fury. Why not follow it up with something more domesticated?

Stephen Amell

Another CW member, Amell is the star of the superhero series Arrow. And unlike some of the members of this list, Amell has an advantage besides his dashing good looks – back in March, he was already under consideration for the part. Maybe someone will be getting a callback? Having superhuman sensibilities (and abs) could add another layer to an otherwise cold Grey.

What do you think of these five men? Since the news of Hunnam’s departure, the film’s team has been mum on any potential replacement news, so it’s all just pure speculation for now. Who do you think should get the coveted part? Or do you think all of these actors should just run in the opposite direction of E.L. James while they still have the chance?