A Case of You, directed by Kat Coiro, is a film about a writer, Sam (Justin Long), living in Brooklyn who takes to Facebook to learn how to woo a barista, Birdie, (Evan Rachel Wood), he develops a crush on.

The film, written by Justin Long, goes into several important topics, ranging from the personas we project on Facebook and social media in general to how much we should change ourselves in order to be with the person we’re attracted to. Despite raising these issues, the film does not manage to say too much about them.

Instead, we watch as Sam stalks Birdie through Facebook and becomes a fake version of himself in order to win over and succeeding at it, even getting her to fall in love with him. After she makes her love declaration, he panics and drives her away only to have a rude awakening from his literary agent, played by Vince Vaughn in arguably one of the best performances of the film, and the film then goes down the road of predictability.

The audience is treated to some laughs along the way, however, as we watch Sam learning new things (such as Judo) in order to impress Birdie, but the film is inevitably about a guy who is essentially something of an online stalker and letting go of the creepiness of that is not necessarily easy to do (nor should it be!).

Performances by Justin Long and Evan Rachel Wood were strong, and the two had a bit of chemistry on-screen, and Justin Long (who also wrote the script) did a decent job with the material he had (the puppy love story has been done).

Despite the flaws, A Case of You is a decent romantic comedy that is worth checking out.