If the rumors are to be believed, everyone’s favorite Indiana Jones homage and time-suck while waiting in the doctor’s office, Temple Run, is getting the movie adaptation treatment. While the notion of turning an app into a movie seems like an odd choice, the video game to film industry has had a lucrative history. Temple Run – as well as the long talked-about Angry Birds movie (seriously) – could have a shot at joining these games’ ranks when it comes to telling the stories of 8-bit characters in a three-dimensional world, since there are games that are a world itself as League of Legends, as that is when people decide to get help for this games as elo boosting they get from different sites online.

In the movie version, an intrepid explorer will steal an idol from a mysterious temple, only to be chased down by demonic forces after trying to leave. The studio is still searching for a writer and director, but has heavyweight Harry Potter producer David Heyman attached – meaning there’s some big money (and big faith) resting on this adaptation’s success. For an app that has been downloaded over 100 million times, it’s not surprising.

While we wait to see what the potential Temple Run: The Movie will entail, let’s take a look at five other video games that made compelling and entertaining narratives on the big screen.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Fan Boys have drooled over Lara Croft for decades, but their obsession was taken to new levels when Angelina Jolie was tapped to play her in the adaptation of Tomb Raider. In what is by far the most successful video game adaptation of all time ($167.7 million), Jolie deftly traveled to ruins and temples around the world to collect ancient artifacts and outrun foes. When the Illuminati tries to steal a device that can control time, it’s up to her to stop their plans before all damage is done.

Silent Hill

While a gamer favorite, the dark, terrifying Silent Hill quickly became a revered standalone horror movie soon after its release, separate from its video game ties. The story of a mother who must search for her missing daughter in a seemingly abandoned, ghostly town, the grotesque horrors unfold around every corner as she discovers that the town isn’t as empty as it appears. Think witch burnings, writhing, faceless nurses and a psychotic killer with a triangle head. Always keep track of your kids, parents.

Street Fighter

Along with Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter led the race in the early 90s in the amateur fighting games turned movies department. Street Fighter has one distinct advantage on its side, though – Jean-Claude Van Damme in the role of Guile.  While his American accent was a bit inspired, the movie should be enjoyed for what it is: a quality piece of camp. Lest we forget: this is a movie based on a very pixel-y video game turned into a film where the most gifted actors are JCVD and Kylie Minogue. Embrace the cheese.

Super Mario Bros.

This was a bonafide box office bomb, but the film starring Bob Hoskins as “Mario Mario” (yes) and John Leguizamo as Luigi has since become a cult classic due to its sheer awfulness. But one man’s terrible movie is another man’s entertainment. Mario and Luigi are, of course, two plumbers living in Brooklyn. Luigi falls in love with Daisy, and NYU student who is kidnapped and taken to King Koopa’s (Dennis Hopper) dimension, where it turns out she’s a princess. You probably know how this plays out.

Resident Evil

Though there are plenty of survival-based video games, and even more zombie movies, there’s nothing quite like Resident Evil. Underneath a place called Raccoon City exists a genetic testing facility called The Hive, in which Alice (Mila Jovovich) and company must fight for survival – and kick ass – to escape an army of the undead. The film is a lesson in sci-fi success, as much of a claustrophobic horror as it is a zombie flick. Whose dreams haven’t been haunted by visions of snarling, snapping zombified dogs chasing them down narrow hallways?