Do we open up with a tough-talking ginger?  Military man, sarcastic and yet still well fed enough to be a member of season four? Why, yes… yes we do. Is there an uncomfortable scene between Carl and Michonne? Yes. Is there an uncomfortable scene between Rick and Michonne? Yes. Is there an uncomfortable scene between Rick and Carl? I think we all know where this episode is going.

So get comfortable gang, as we you back to the land of The Walking Dead.

The wilderness has begun to take over the houses that the few remaining survivors have ransacked. The attention to detail on the show has become one of its many well-thought out features. Rick wakes up with a group of people in his “house.” Michonne and Carl have left on a supply run and have an interesting talk about her past where they also discuss comfy clothes and the pros and cons of soy milk (as if there are pros).  This group of marauders is not going to be season 2 friendly, as it were, and this becomes clear as soon as one of the gang chokes another to death over a used mattress. Rick is then forced to sneak from room to room in search of either a weapon or an escape route without getting caught, leaving the doors open so that the newly dead choking victim will rise again and attack the home invaders so he can get the hell out of there and to warn Carl and Michonne.


Meanwhile, they proved to be the resounding soul of the episode, with Michonne still dropping bits and pieces of her former life to Carl, such as the former existence of her infant son (as we saw last week in a flashback). Carl listens attentively while they encounter creepiness of their own in what appears to be an old execution/possible suicide scene in a kid’s bedroom.

Then there are the new bloods (as mentioned in the intro).  Tara keeps track of the directions as the truck travels to some undisclosed location; Glenn (of course) isn’t about to leave Maggie behind.  When he regains consciousness, Glenn makes it clear that he’s going back to find her. He even punches Ford in the jaw to make his point.  The presumed scientist Eugene is left to disable their only vehicle with automatic-rifle fire when a group of Walkers attack and he reacts like he’s never seen them before.  The group must then find another mode of transportation. Oh, also it is revealed that Eugene was actually a scientist who had been in contact with the big mucky mucks in Washington, D.C., and that he knows how the whole zombie apocalypse got started in the first place. Will their answers be found in D.C.? The end of season 1 had a similar postscript at the CDC. And when all is said and done, we are left with one question: Is the world too far gone? Has it been Claimed by the undead?

See you next week, gang.