“You can handle this… you’re tough…”

So, last week brought us desolation, isolation and alienation. And there were also zombies. Oh, Rick and Carl had their nerves stretched to the breaking point, so there was also that! Let’s see how the rest of the ill-fated prison gang is faring, shall we?

Welcome back to the land of The Walking Dead.

Daryl and Beth are on the run, and handling themselves as best they can, killing Walkers and running their asses off, with vultures circling above them and everything poetic involved with the end, end, end of the world.

And away we go…

A campfire offers little consolation. Beth wants them to find the other survivors. Daryl is far more pragmatic, but still he indulges her “they’re still alive” flights of fancy. They come across the remains of a few Walkers, one of which is still very much alive, and dispatch the ghoul with solid ease. A similar dilemma exists at the railroad tracks, which seem to exist as a metaphorical crossroad more than anything else in these dark days.

Tyreese shows up with Mika and Lizzie and BABY JUDITH (yes, little ass kicker) in the same woods as the other characters have found themselves. Scared, confused and also “alone.” Tyreese has his deck stacked against him, for sure, but he is up to the task.  He leaves the girls with Judith and goes to find fellow survivors who might be nearby. And find he does. Carol rejoins the group, even as a bitten man tells them where to find solace, as he bleeds out and joins the ranks of the undead.

Meanwhile, Maggie, Sasha and Bob are also making their way through the wilderness. Maggie wants to find Glenn (and the bus he got out on), but the other two are not so keen on her intentions. Sasha is more about finding food and shelter than indulging the whims of love struck Maggie. “Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates,” because all of our favorites, of course, are former inmates escaping what’s left of the prison. And even when they find the ill-fated school bus, there us reason to be trepidatious. There are Walkers inside. Is Glenn inside? She needs to know. And so, one by gruesome one, they are let off the bus.  A violent episode later, no Glenn. He is somewhere else.


And where he is sucks! Big time. He is still in the prison, surrounded by Walkers, and without his support base of friends and Maggie. Armed, yes, but without any sort of resources or hope, Glen comes into the second half of this season with the worst situation of all the remaining survivors. Only his memories and a strangely empty prison to call home. He says “F it,” packs up, and goes to hit the road, covered in riot gear, armed and ready to rock. The other survivor isn’t as enthusiastic about surviving as he is. Still, he and she escape into the wilderness. She is a pawn of the Governor. Glenn is still clinging onto his old life. The old way of thinking. To hope. Aren’t we all.

See you next week, gang.