We open this week with the trials and tribulations of Bob, who has been alone in for quite some time (given the music cues and the desolate montage) and while surviving, is clearly more than a little depressed. Then he comes across Daryl and Glenn, who invite him along. Alright, looks like we’re doing the flashback/flash forward thing. Welcome back to the land of the Walking Dead.

Next up comes a terrifying battle in the fog with Maggie, Sasha and Bob vs. some zombies. Daryl and Beth practice some tracking action. Beth steps nicely into an animal trap. We then see more fog and a broken compass for Maggie and Co. while they try and find Glenn and then a sign saying there is a place called Terminus–sanctuary, it would seem.

Daryl and Beth find their own sanctuary in a funeral home. Beth is still looking for beauty while Daryl seems to be struggling with his need to survive, and his need to still be a good person (he will always be a badass). Bob and Sasha are not having a good time trekking through the goddamn wilderness with Maggie, low on ammo and running out of options.

“Peanut Butter ‘N’ Jelly. Soda. Pigs Feet. That’s a white trash brunch right there.” Daryl’s observation of the cache they find at the funeral home comes with another observation from Beth: “There  must be other people here.”  Beth plays the piano while Daryl relaxes in a coffin. Once again, these two provide the best scenes this season, tragically beautiful.


Maggie on the other hand seems to be intent upon making everyone’s life a pain in the ass in her attempt to find Glenn. She leaves camp without telling Bob or Sasha on her way to Terminus. Oh, and did we mention that she has now taken to cutting open the stomachs of Walkers to check for remains of her friends? Because she totally does that crap now. She also writes notes to Glenn in Zombie blood. Bob and Sasha can’t sleep and also can’t decide whether Tyreese is dead or not.

(F.Y.I. if this recap feels disjointed, it is the fault of the episode itself.)

Daryl and Beth settle down for their feast, just in time to be interrupted by a dog. Beth decides to leave a thank you note for the folks who they have obviously raided. Daryl wants to stay. They have a tender moment… but only for a moment as Walkers burst into their happy house. A very, very narrow escape on Daryl’s part leads to a car pulling away in the dead of night, presumably with Beth in the car. Try as he might, he can’t seem to run fast enough to find her, finally dropping from exhaustion at a crossroads… So do Bob and Sasha (in their own tender way)…

And yet Bob leaves Sasha alone. Or so she thinks. Upon entering a two story building and checking out a strange scene outside her window, one where she thinks she sees Maggie, she alerts some Walkers to her presence and hurries downstairs only to find Maggie still alive and well–and they totally murder Zombies outside of an ice cream truck. And they both realize, as everyone is slowly doing now, that they can’t survive alone.

See you next week gang.