Daryl and Beth are on the run, and thinking everyone else at the prison is done for, they have set up an “us against the undead world” kind of team badass. Of course hiding in a car, crossbow and Rambo knife or not, may not be the best way to start things out…

Or is it?

Welcome back to the land of The Walking Dead.

Daryl is running out of usable ammo. Beth has learned to use rear-view mirrors to start fires. Snakes are delicious food. Things are getting Stone Age in Georgia. Beth wants to get her drink on and Daryl not only ignores the request, but acts like a “jerk.” She wanders off into the wilderness, only to come across some Walkers, and also discover that Daryl has had her back the whole time. She knows this, but still wants to live life, even as they enter a deleted scene from Caddyshack. “Golfers like to booze it up, right?”

They also apparently like to hang zombies from the rafters. Worldly possessions mean nothing to the living now (or do they, Daryl?), and the Walkers are still hot on their heels (as always).  And the pro shop is still full of undead and zombies. The “Rich Bitch” tag on one strikes a chord with Beth, and Daryl helps her remedy this. Oh, and there is also the fact that he kills half a dozen zombies that follow the trip upstairs. And what does Beth do? She bitches about getting Walker blood all over her new duds, and the absolute need for some Absolut. Daryl has his destruction, outside. Beth has her destruction, inside (at least as far as the Walking Dead writers seem to consider alcohol). And of course, she can’t seem to do it. And of course Daryl tells her “first drink shouldn’t be peach schnapps.”

It should be Moonshine! And Daryl finds some (of course he does). And why not? He is a redneck, right? And while he chaperones (and imbibes), the walking dead still linger. And now it is a game of “I never…” Awesome.

By this point if it is not apparent that Beth wants to ride Daryl like a Dolphin at Sea World, then you are not paying attention. Not that any of our lady readers–or men who enjoy the company of other men–wouldn’t jump at the chance, nor would be against the idea… not until the booze rears it’s inevitable ugly head, and Daryl goes on a drunken rampage, frat boy style but with life threatening zombies ever present.


“I know you look at me and see another dead girl.”

The reckoning of what happened when the Gov. rode right up to their gates. The loss of their crew, the loss of Hershel. The loss of everything. The loss of experiences where you can fight with tweakers. The loss of where they were before all this… So a redneck asshole with a bigger asshole for a brother. Yeah. I love good writing. I miss this on TV. And I’m sorry so many people missed this for “The Walking Dead” at the Oscars.

“You’re going to be the last man standing, Daryl Dixon…”

Or maybe not. The final scene is as heartbreaking as it is enlightening. So there’s that.

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See you next week, gang…