The Who:  Miriam Lass, the friend of Jack Crawford’s who worked for him and was thought to be dead. At the end of last week, she was discovered alive, and she has obviously been traumatized.

The What: The fallout from Miriam being alive. Jack Crawford holds himself responsible for what has happened to her, and Miriam will have none of it. She tells Crawford that he trained her well, and that the fault for what she has been through is all her own.

The question on everyone’s mind is how much does she know and remember, and how helpful she can be in solving the cases. She is given the opportunity to identify Hannibal as the murderer, but tells Crawford that Hannibal is not the Chesapeake Ripper.

Crawford informs Will Graham that Miriam was found alive. He also lets Will know that Miriam did not identify Hannibal as the Ripper. Will asks him if this is enough for him; he seems to know that Crawford is not so sure anymore.

Will eventually tells Hannibal, after seeing Miriam’s strong reactions, that he wants to resume therapy with him. Hannibal accepts.

The Why:  Hannibal is, at this point, all but discovered. The fact that Crawford gives Miriam the opportunity to even identify Hannibal is a sign that everyone’s trust in Hannibal is fading.

Chilton goes to visit Will Graham, still locked up, and tells him that he would love to see Will and Hannibal switch places. He has accepted that Hannibal is a murdering cannibal, telling Will that he (Chilton) does not want to end up on Hannibal’s menu. The two of them talk about their shared understanding of Hannibal’s true nature.

Bloom and Will have an awkward encounter about Hannibal. Bloom still trusts in Hannibal and tells Will there is no excuse for what he did to Hannibal (trying to have him killed.) She fears that Will is going to go after Hannibal again, and asks Will if Hannibal is safe. Will tells her she shouldn’t trust Hannibal.

During his first encounter with Miriam, Will commiserates with her about what Hannibal has done to them.

Will finally gets his chance to confront Hannibal about framing him and wreaking havoc on his mental health. He confronts Hannibal, pointing a gun at him, obviously furious and threatening to kill him. Hannibal tries to talk him out of it, all the while never breaking his “innocent” character and talking about the Chesapeake Ripper in third person.

Forensic evidence begins to pile up against both Dr. Chilton and Dr. Lecter. Crawford decides to further investigate both of them.

Chilton stumbles upon some of Hannibal’s latest work; a murdered Gideon. He sort of freaks out (who wouldn’t?) and tries to escape before Hannibal can discover him. But he is too late. Hannibal chloroforms him as the FBI comes to the door. Chilton is alone when he wakes up, and escapes, finding himself at Will’s.

Hannibal is now setting up Chilton to take the fall for the Ripper’s crimes. Chilton discusses with Will his realization that Hannibal never wanted to kill him; Hannibal wanted to use him. Crawford arrives for Chilton, and Will tells Chilton that he called Crawford there. After Chilton threatens to murder Will, Will tries to talk Crawford down. Chilton attempts an escape, but Crawford stops him.

Spoiler Alert: A major character’s life is brought to an unexpected end.

Best Line of The Night: “All of this has been my design.” Will Graham, speaking as the Chesapeake Ripper.