They did it. They really did it. Adam and Kristina (and Mr. Knight) bought a school. With the help of fancy lawyer Julia, they get their paperwork in order to open up a charter school, present it to the school board, and just like that, they have their own school. Isn’t life so easy when you’re a Braverman? You can run for mayor with no experience, open a school with no experience, pretty much do whatever you want. Life is good, man.

Adam really has a full plate, because his band (that’s actually real-life All-American Rejects), Ashes to Rome, is about to launch their first album, which is also the Luncheonette’s first album. Not only that, crazy famous boy band 4D (subtle) has heard their album and wants to take them on tour. No way! Now of course, frontman Oliver doesn’t want to go because they’re snotty little boybander punks, until he sees the chicks they’re rolling with. Now Adam and Crosby have enough money to be set for years.

The inclusion of Hank as a main character in the midst of the Braverman clan has been a refreshing, and fascinating progression to watch. He’s clearly important to their story, if he’s not related to any of the characters and he gets his own storylines. Hank’s therapy sessions have gotten him help with his problems – whatever those may be right now – but they’ve also been digging him in a hole with Sarah, as he still can’t help putting his foot in his mouth. But he made progress this week; he told Sarah, in his own Hankish way, how he still feels about her, and apologized for splitting town to take off for Minnesota.

Sarah, though, has found out that Drew has been living at Amber’s and not the dorm that she pays for, so she promptly drags him back to Berkeley to be the snottiest freshman on the face of the planet to his poor roommate. Berto is kinder than anyone should ever be, especially after the indefensible act of having a guest stay in their dorm for three whole weeks. Drew has no excuses. But they become best bros after hashing out their problems over beers, like best bros do. Maybe now Drew can have a normal college experience.

Sure, Zeek and Camille find a new house, and that’s fun news, but the fun part of the episode concerns Julia’s love life, as always. The separated member of the Braverman family has no interactions with her soon-to-be ex-husband or her terrible children this episode. Since Joel all but told her they’re getting divorced last time, she has no qualms about saying yes when Ed asks her to come over for dinner. She also flirts shamelessly with him. It’s a new era for Julia.

She also has no problems with taking Mr. Knight home with her after the Ashes to Rome album launch party and sleeping with him, either. Hey, Joel said they weren’t working on their marriage anymore. Ain’t no shame, lady – do your thang.