America's Got Talent-Season 9 Episode 9-Jasmin Flowers
From now on the decisions are up to the voters on America’s Got Talent.  After playing to a large empty auditorium and waiting around after facing the stony faced judges, this year’s hopefuls have learned their fate.  For the most part Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B., and Howie Mandel did their best to give America the best quarter finalists possible.  On the tensest night of the season, not even Nick Cannon’s bright fuchsia suit jacket, or the shiny periwinkle blue suit he donned for the finale could distract from matters at hand.

Kids Variety
Adrian Romoff returned to stage to showcase his piano prowess.  Though his playing was amazing, Howie questioned whether it was enough to deserve a slot at Radio City Music Hall.  Next Byamba Contortion Girls twisted and manipulated their bodies to the tune of “Under the Sea” but left the judges feeling underwhelmed.  Kaycee & Gabe were the cutest contemporary dance duo, but the judges felt Gabe’s talent surpassed his partners.  Carter and Anika performed a salsa routine and though obviously talented, their routine wasn’t as seamless as the original.

Music Groups
The Willis Clan brought all 12 siblings back on stage for another folk performance of “Fireflies”.  Watching the older siblings accompany their own vocals while the younger girls bounced their dance moves back and forth across the stage made it hard not to smile.  Beach Avenue returned to perform another original tune, and thought they were absolutely flawless, Howie questioned their musical integrity.  Kiernan & Phinean Make Peace came with an original tune as well, surprising the judges.  Theirs wasn’t as seamless as Beach Avenue’s calling their future into grave question.  Jonah Smith experienced a setback when his drummer bailed at the last second.  While Jonah searched for a solution, Sons of Serendip took the stage to woo the judges with their beautiful ethereal music.  Livy, Matt, & Sammy to perform an acoustic indie rendition of Andre 3000’s “Hey Ya.”  After finding a substitute drummer, Jonah was able to fill the judges’ ears with his bluesy band’s sound and his delightfully raspy voice.

Dustin’s Dojo graced the stage thanks to Howard’s golden buzzer during their original audition.  Their slapstick comedy self-defense was hilarious, but the humor was lost on the female judges again.  Bob Markworth & Mayana returned with their crossbow act, but when Bob missed a balloon and only ripped a card as his finale, the judges’ disappointment was equal to my own.  Top Hogs showed how talented Mudslinger was with a math lesson, but when the hog missed the final question the act fell apart.  Emanualle & Phillip Hudson performed their original comedy song “Ratchet” at their first audition, but their choir clothed performance about church folk was beyond lackluster.  Flight Crew Jump Rope quickly became the best act in their category with their high energy gymnastics infused jump rope routine that never disappointed.

Male Singers
Frank Dimitri crooned his way through his performance of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” but without the fanfare his vocals seemed weak.  Jaycob Curlee accompanied himself on the acoustic guitar as his breathless voice performed the softest and most soulful rendition of “Free Fallin’” that Howard felt was lacking for some reason.  Justin Rhodes returned with his piano for a passionate recital of “Human” that was riddled with nerves.  Sal Gonzalez strummed his guitar and belt out a tune, but the empty room left him nervous as well.  Miguel Dakota’s acoustic version of Kanye West’s “Heartless” was a nearly original arrangement that he performed like a professional.  Paul Yeti sat on a stool for an intimate performance of Rascal Flatts “Bless the Broke Road” that earned him an immediate pass to live shows.

Dance Groups
Bad Boys of Ballet performed a perfectly timed ballet routine to some lovely aggressive music.  Baila Conmigo brought their enormous, age varied salsa group back on stage, but with a few missteps sprinkled throughout the performance their confidence waivered.  I wouldn’t call what Tik & Tak Entertainment did a dance routine; theirs was more a stunt display set to music.  Jasmin Flowers perfect timing and amazing synchronicity lent itself to their favor.  Somehow after seeing Jasmine Flowers, Baila Conmigo was given a push straight to Radio City Music Hall.

AcroArmy showed strength in numbers, and with the insanely dangerous stunts they pulled off with grace and ease, their ascension almost assured.  X Pogo Stunt Team kicked it up a notch by lightly their sticks on fire after performing several extremely dangerous flips and turns.  Unfortunately the fire went out; with wind whipping by them as they fly in their air what can you expect?  Richard & Ashley quickly stunned, but after Ashley balanced atop Richard’s head on one foot, the slightly sloppy dismount brought the entire performance into question.  Shirtless Christian Stoniev used the handstands to do some warm up one handed tricks and flips before shocking everyone by producing a hidden dog.  His dog walked along his body as he did summer saults, and stood perfectly still as Christian used his body to balance the tiny animal high in the air.  Raising the stakes in the most surprising way, hopefully it’s enough to get him to the main stage.

After prostrating in worry and lying in wait the lucky few got the good word.  Miguel Dakota, Jaycob Curlee, Quintavious Johnson, Julia Goodwin, Adrian Romoff, J.D. Anderson, Juan Carlos, Loop Rawlins, Valo & Bobby, Flight Crew Jump Rope, Chritian Stoniev, The Willia Clan, Sons of Serendip, Darik Santos, Kiernan & Phinean Make Peace, Wendy Liebman, Mat Frnco, Jasmin Flowers, Dragon House “The Agents” AcroArmy, Sean & Luke, Kelli Glover, Emily West, and Anna Clendening are all headed to the big time.  With the quarterfinals beginning at their usual breakneck pace next week, it won’t be long before your favorite crosses your path again.  Get ready gang, the real games have begun.