AGT-Season 9 Episode 15-Judges
Normally America’s Got Talent’s results show is chocked full of filler and easy to predict.  However, when ten stellar acts are on the hook for the five slots available in the semi-finals, the word anticipation barely covers the stress of the evening.  The palpable tension is never enough for the producers though—you will always have to suffer through those promotional filled segments.  Like the merriment the contestants are forced to display at the Reddi Whipp after party.  Those moments usually look staged, but for some reason our time in the lounge was cut short after just a few fake smiles and overly enthusiastic comments.  Color yourself lucky—next week they’ll probably make us watch another post performance dance off.  Still, no one escape the producers many varied attempts to waste airtime.  This week they added clips of the judges’ answering insipid questions from fans and Al Roker through satellite video or Skype or something of that nature.  It’s during moments of unnecessary dreck like that that really draws your eye to Nick Cannon’s bad suit of the week.  The same checked pattern as last results show in a more offending shade of magenta—is someone getting lazy?

This week’s guest acts were last season’s runner up and winner, Taylor Williamson and Kenichi Ibina.  Catching up with Taylor mostly involved a hilarious spoof interview in which Heidi Klum and Taylor’s flirtation blossomed into a live-in relationship.  It’s ending, with Heidi waking up from a nightmare, was almost perfect.  Unfortunately the producers couldn’t squeeze in the time to bring Taylor back for another hilarious set.  Sure, Nick has time to pause during the airing to push the Snapple cups the judges’ use—apparently the AGT merchandise store isn’t drumming up enough business on its own.  Still, we’d rather see Taylor.  Of course after a quick and glowing interview with last season’s winner Kenichi, we were treated to another of his patented dance, martial art, and computer animation performances.  Instead of interacting with a digital copy of himself like last season, Kenichi danced alongside a digital Howie and Heidi before trading blows with Howie.  The whole performance was an elaborate promotional spot for the app Kenichi is about to release—looks like winners are getting some fringe benefits thanks to the new age of technology.

At the beginning of the show Nick asked for Cornell Bhangra and Sons of Serendip to join him on stage, but Sons of Serendip won out.  Between the two the Sons were slightly more compelling, but it’s sad to lose such and interesting and invigorating dance crew after just one amazing performance.  Cornell Bhangra, thanks for bringing your talent to the main stage.   Next Blue Journey, Kieran and Finian Makepeace, and Dragon House “The Agents” took to the stage to learn what you might have guessed already, Blue Journey would be advancing to the semi-finals.  Kieran & Finian, never stop being what you are: amazing.  Paul Ieti and Anna Clendening were beckoned by Nick to learn that active serviceman Paul Ieti would claim the third semi-finals spot of the night.  In a heartbreaking paring Cristian Stoinev and Wendy Liebman were called up so Christian Stoinev would take his place in the semi-finals.  My dreams of a female comedian advancing were curtailed but Wendy, you did me proud.  After Nick dismissed Adrian Romoff, AcroArmy and Mike Super were left for the judges to fight over.  Showing his prodigious hosting skills, Nick made the crowd give Adrian rousing applause and a standing ovation—that young man will be a news maker no matter where he ends up.  Heidi and Mel B. voted for AcroArmy, Howie Mandel kicked a vote to Mike Super, but Howard Stern made AcroArmy’s dream a reality.

Next week Bad Boys of Ballet, Kelli Glove, Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat, Emil & Daniel, Nina Burri, Quintavious Johnson, Jonah Smith, Extreme, Jonatan Riquelme, Mothmen Dance, Smoothini, and One Voice Children’s Choir will compete for the last five slots available in the semi-finals.  Until then, Bangarang my friends.