ANTM-Cycle 21Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 21: Miss J came back, yay! The guys came back, meh. The guys and girl had an “EDM” fashion show and competed with selfies. 31 “moddabes” were cut down to 22.

The episode “The Guy Who Gets a Second Chance” opens with the guys and girls heading into their apartment? A hotel room? I’m not really sure. They’re not all running amok claiming rooms, so I think it’s just like, a reception area.

The guys and girls start to bond and it’s kind of weird because there are two girls in the background with their faces blurred out. I wonder if they didn’t make the cut and then refused to sign consent forms? Or maybe the producers didn’t want to pay them for the one episode they appeared in, so they just blurred them out?


Anyway, Ben the bro and Adam the “frataholic” start bonding. They do pull-ups in the doorway…they wrestle…they chest bump. It’s totally brolicious. Lol, I just noticed that I was watching the show and accidentally typed “ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.” Like my brain is sub-consciously saying “f-that bromance!”

Okay, so the guys and girls head to the little-known LA metro for a photo shoot. They’re greeted by photographer Franco Lacosta who’s like, “Remember me from last cycle?” And they flash back and I’m like, “Oh yeah…that creep.”


Here’s the challenge: the models will be making four stops on the red line – each stop represents each season. At each stop they will have to get off and put together a “look” for that season AND get back on the train before it leaves again. Each outfit must consist of at least three pieces. Once they get back on the train, Franco will be photographing the models.

The moddabes start out at the “spring” station and surprisingly, no one gets left behind. Franco starts snapping away and tells the models that the photos won’t be edited in any way. #nofilterANTM Next is the “summer” station, and Mississippi girl Lenox gets left behind at the station. Earlier she had camera talked that all her previous “modeling” work had been done for free back in Mississippi, so I guess she still won’t be making any money.

Back on the train, Mirjana only has two pieces of clothing on, so she gets disqualified. Ugh, I really hate Adam the brodel. He’s like, “I truly believe I’m better looking than 95% of the competition. Oh, and btw, in case you didn’t hear me the first 2300 times I said it, I’m in a frat.”

The moddabes stop off at the “fall” station and a bunch of models get left behind this time. Only 6 models remain on the train now. Franco takes a picture of Matthew in just a shirt, hat and skivvies – and he tells him it’s a boring outfit. Um, what? First of all, who wears that in the fall? Secondly, um what?


The last station is “winter,” and 4 of the models don’t get back on. The final two are Danny (who Romeo hates by the way) and Matthew. The moddabes gather back together and Franco Lacosta announces the winner – it’s boring Matthew. He says winning is like losing his virginity – “it felt good.” Thanks for that deep, analytical analogy, Matthew.

The moddabes go back to the hotel for a pizza party! Immediately, Romeo starts talking ish on Danny. Mirjana also hates Danny too, apparently. And she starts spitting fire at Danny as well. I guess it’s because Danny was on the tryouts last season but he didn’t make the final cut, so everyone’s hatin’. Personally, I think Danny has a precious little angel face and I don’t know how anyone could be mean to him. But that’s just me.

The next day, the girls and guys go to the beach for a bonfire. As they’re making s’mores (yummers), PR Maven Kelly Cutrone and photographer Yutsai show up. Yutsai announces that not only is he going to be shooting them today, he’s going to be on every photo shoot with them as their creative consultant. So basically he’s the new Jay Manuel.

For the photo shoot, all 22 of them are going to be entwined together for “one, nighttime, sexy group shot.” The kids go to hair and makeup, and then they meet up with Yutsai one on one before the group shot.

Yutsai comments that he has no idea how boring Matthew won the challenge because he only models from the waist up. He also says that Barbie girl Jamie Rae is dead inside, LOL. Yutsai totally disses country boy Josh, saying maybe he needs to bring some cows out to the photo shoot so Josh will feel more comfortable. Damn, Josh. Want me to find a burn clinic for you? Yutsai tells Romeo not to try to flex his muscles because he doesn’t have any. I openly chuckled at that one.

After the entwined shot we head to the judging panel. Tyra, Miss J, Kelly Cutrone, and Yutsai review all the moddabes. Miss J is wearing 22 bobby pins – 11 blue and 11 pink for each of the contestants.

Tyra meets with the moddabes on top of a roof and she’s wearing hipster glasses. I don’t know why. I mean, I love Tyra, but I feel like she finds out about things three years after they were cool and is like, “Yes! I must put this on my show! EDM and hipster glasses are so hot right now!”

Tyra announces that they’re whittling the moddabes down to 14 finalists. And the 14 finalists of ANTM Cycle 21 are




ANTM-Cycle 21-Will







Boring Matt












ANTM-Cycle 21-Raelia



Brolicious Adam

ANTM-Cycle 21-Adam



Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 21: The models walk in a fashion show like never before. They will be living art, and the only thing they will be wearing is silly string.