Unlike the cast of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, I was not fortunate enough to be invited down to Troublemaker Studios in Austin, Texas- the scene of the crime where El mariachi himself, Robert Rodriquez, filmed the high-octane follow up to his groundbreaking 2005 blockbuster. Therefore I have to take the director’s word, along with that of his friend, collaborator, and the graphic artist responsible for ‘Sin City’, Frank Miller, at face value.  I’ll tell you this though, they may have dangled some pretty young things in my face – in the form of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eva Green, Josh Brolin, and Jessica Alba – but I wasn’t letting anyone pull the wool over on me. Here’s what I’ve gleaned so far about this sordid scenario known as the making of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

Robert Rodriquez could sell ice to an Eskimo…

Rodriguez: “I just thought that (3D) would lend (itself) so much better to a graphic novel because of an absence of information. A lot of 3D movies have so much on the screen, you almost don’t know where to look. But because (Miller’s) style is so stripped down and there’s so much black, and just an actor, and a few set pieces, and maybe snow, everything would pop a lot more in 3D, and really make you feel like you were in his graphic novel- in Sin City.”

Miller: “At first I resisted – But (Robert made this )point: we don’t have aliens coming out of every closet and spaceships filling the air and dinosaurs coming out of nowhere all the time; we’ve got your stuff, which is pretty simple. So I became convinced, as I usually am by this guy.”


Jessica Alba aint scared no more…

Alba: “I was 21 or 22 I think (during the first film). I was so young and I was not comfortable in my own skin and dancing on stage. I didn’t want to make a misstep and I knew how incredible this world was. In this one, I felt more confident and comfortable in my own skin. If I’m going to be blessed with a career and do movies, I might as well go 150-percent and really push it and be fearless.”

and neither is Nancy Callahan…

Alba: “In the first film, Nancy starts off as a little girl, and she’s a victim – she was kidnapped and then later she was tortured – and she gets saved by Bruce Willis’ character, (John) Hartigan. But in this one, (which) picks up after he kills himself, the love of her life is gone; she’s devastated, she’s an alcoholic. She’s still dancing- she’s not happy about it… So it was cool to be able to take someone from this sweet, innocent, naïve victim to this very powerful warrior who takes her own life in her own hands and gets revenge. “

For Josh Brolin, this time it’s different…

Brolin: “This was one of the few movies that I’ve done where I thought, Thank God I’m in this movie! I really feel proud to be in this movie. And everybody says that during press things, (but) truly, I enjoyed it so much. It’s really dark. It’s a lot of fun. It’s very sexy. It’s one of those things that I would go and see a few times if I weren’t in it. Because I’m in it, it would seem pretentious, so I don’t.” 


That Ava Green’s trouble I tell ya…

Eva Green: “I was very nervous for the scene (where my character) is talking with the cop and she’s lying – because she’s a compulsive liar. (That was) the challenge for me in this film, to still be believable and lie all the time. So to play all these different women, that was the challenge, but so much fun. She’s so bad. No conscience, no sense of right or wrong; she’s pretty evil.”

Poor Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn’t stand a chance…

Gordon-Levitt: “I remember when the first one came out going to the movie theater and saying to myself, I’ve never seen anything like this. I actually really loved acting in just the green environment and fully embracing an abandonment of realism- of reality. Saying, No, we’re going to the movies now. We’re going into Sin City. We’re going into a graphic novel. We’re going into the mind of Frank Miller. So just getting to become part of that world and play a Rodriguez badass – I grew up watching his movies, loving his movies – and it was such a thrill to get to do it.”


Alba and Rodriguez have been in cahoots for years…

Rodriguez: “I met her when she auditioned for me when she was 17. She was too young for the role for this movie I was doing, but I kept my eye on her because she was one of the few Latin actresses I saw trying to break through. I encouraged her, said, Keep going, keep going. And then she got Dark Angel, and I knew her through my friendship with Jim [Cameron]. [She and I] had seen each other over the years and said we had to work together some day. When it came time for Sin City, I met with her.”

Alba: “And then I auditioned…”

Rodriguez: (to Alba) “I knew I liked you and I wanted to work with you… I am always trying to just work with Jessica. She is awesome. She is in my Machete movie, she is in Spy Kid movies – I am trying to put her in every franchise, because then there would be multiple movies that we can work together.”

Alba: “He calls me up and he is like, Can you come shoot this little thing? And I am like, Okay, what is it?… Well, it is just this little movie. Just come down- just for a couple of days... and that is what he does, and I am there. I show up every time because it is so inspiring to be in his world- his universe.”

Robert Rodriguez Had A Pizza Pool Party With President Obama*

Rodriguez: “(My) pool is very inspiring. I try to create a whole world where I have to be inspired daily — so, everything from where I play with my kids to the swimming pool. You go in and you come out 10 hours later really inspired. Yeah the president was there. We did a whole fundraiser thing there. And I made POTUS pizzas.”

*perhaps irrelevant to the case, but c’mon now- that’s just cool.