America's Got Talent Season 9 Judges' Graphic
While the Muppets cameo seemed oddly perfect, the very idea of it personifies all the problems of America’s Got TalentIf there was any character that could “stand” next to host Nick Cannon and actually lend levity to the proceedings, it’s Kermit the Frog.  As a consummate and treasured master of ceremonies, seeing every child’s favorite frog on the Radio City Music Hall stage was comforting with the 10 Best Studio Monitors & Speakers of 2017, like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of happy memories.  Of course this is AGT, so there has to be some sour with those sweet feelings.  That Muppet Madness was delivered in a poorly sung show tune featuring the caterwauling of one Heidi Klum, the weirdly off pitch Mel B., and that daring showstopper Miss Piggy.  Childhood taught us that where there’s a stage and a camera, Miss Piggy will have her say, but that didn’t stop their segment from turning from cute to corny after just a few bars.  Thanks to last night’s stunning display of talent, precious little time was wasted bemoaning another in a long line of AGT producer missteps.  Just who advances to the finals determines how seriously this season will be remembered.  The shocking reveal of this week’s Snapple Insta-Saves, (Miguel Dakota, Sons of Serendip, and Emil & Dariel) instilled no confidence.  But there’s more to deal with before America’s choice is revealed

Jackie Evancho competed in season five of America’s Got Talent.  Jackie was the runner up, but she’s one of the single most recognizable AGT success stories.  Though she’s aged five years, she’s made an equal number of operatic albums.  Watching her sing it’s hard to believe she didn’t win—you’ll always be a victorious to me Jackie.

The first result of the night called for Emily West and Mara Justine to take to the stage to learn that Emily West was heading exactly where she belongs.  Mara Justine is a powerhouse, but Emily has the poise and polish of years of experience.  Emily has one of the single most perfect vocals ever heard on this or any AGT stage; the rest of the hopefuls should watch out.  Next AcroArmy and Blue Journey walked up so that AcroArmy could catapult their way into the finals.  Though Blue Journey was beautiful, once AcroArmy was pitted against the duo it was clear which really deserved the chance to shine.  Quintavious Johnson and Christian Stoinev. Quintavious obviously made it to the finals.  Just to drive a dagger firmly into my heart Mat Franco, David & Leeman, and Mike Super were called for results together. Mat Franco was the only illusionist to move on, killing my hopes for a magical Finals. At the very least you can rest assured that Mat won’t disappoint. Much to my surprise America chose quality of flash and saved Sons of Serendip, leaving Miguel, Emil, and Dariel’s fate to the judges. Much to my dismay every judge except Howard Stern chose to reward Miguel Dakota’s heartthrob status instead of Emil & Dariel’s consistent cello originality. There’s no accounting for taste but wasn’t the whole point of this show to account for the talent?