Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 21: The moddabes had a photo shoot and consultation with Yu Tsai – the new fashion consultant for the show. The semi-finalists were whittled down to 14 finalists.

“The Girl Who’s a Player” opens with Tyra Banks reminding us that the moddabes are going to do a runway show wearing nothing but silly string. So scandalous. And the kids head off to hair and makeup.

Romeo, who believes that he is a witch by the way, claims that he cast a spell for Danny to go home – and it worked! So now, the next person he wants to go home is Ivy, because she’s his biggest competitor. Witch? More like bitch, Romeo. Poor little Ivy is like, I’m an introvert, leave me alone.

Mirjana camera talks that she has a boyfriend, but he’s not very supportive, and that she likes Matt.


Sorry, she likes Matthew. So basically, that boyfriend can update his Facebook relationship status like, right now.

Miss J shows up to the hair and makeup room with Alexis Borges, Agency Director of Next Model Management. Alexis says that when the moddabes get on the runway he’s looking for strength and confidence above all – especially since they’re not going to be wearing much.

The moddabes get their silly string applied, and Brolicious Adam says he lifts 4-5 times a week (do you even lift, bro?) and that he definitely looks the best naked. Ugh, can Romeo please cast a spell on Adam… I despise him so much.

That poor old lady is like, "what bad decisions did I make to lead me to this moment in my life?"

That poor old lady is like, “what bad decisions did I make to lead me to this moment in my life?”

The models start walking down the runway, and it turns out everyone in the audience has silly string to spray them with. And then it’s Adam’s turn. I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate him even more. And then he puts his leg up on a railing so everyone can see his junk. Sick.

After the show, Alexis and Miss J give their critiques. First and foremost, Alexis tells Adam he looked like a frat kid getting ready for a kegger, and that he needs to take fashion more seriously. He also tells Ivy that she has an 80s look going on (in a bad way) and that if she could make it makeover week that would be a good thing.

Alexis announces the winner of the challenge, and it’s Keith. Keith wins the key to the Tyra suite, and he picks Kari to share the prize with him. The moddabes go to their new house. Cue the requisite run-around-the-house montage.

Bradam (that’s bro and Adam) starts a game of beer pong, and then he brags about what a binge drinker he is. Apparently, 15 drinks in one night is just a regular night for him.

Everyone goes to bed, and Mirjana and Matthew snuggle. The next day, Mirjana calls her friend and finds out her boyfriend is “totally supporting her on social media.” It bothers me that they won’t say Facebook. Just say Facebook. We all know that’s the “social media” you’re referring to. Anyway, it’s the first Matthew has actually heard of her boyfriend, and he camera talks that his “heart drops.” Awwww, to be 24 again.

Tyra Mail!

“H2T? H2OMG! Fierce & Love, Tyra”

The moddabes arrive at their first photo shoot and are greeted by Tyra and Yu Tsai. Tyra announces they will all be doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. J/K! Tyra isn’t that on trend. Actually, they’re going to be getting drenched by buckets of water while having their photo taken.  They’re also going to be shooting the opening credits scene.

Tyra makes everyone lift their shirts up and says the guys have the “Boom Boom Boom” and the girls have the “Boom Boom Wow.” I don’t entirely get it, but it’s Tyra Banks… just go with it.

Tyra does her photo shoot first, and of course intimidates the hell out of the moddabes. Yu Tsai also kind of bullies the moddabes. He’s kind of a bad mentor.

Skull Mail!

“Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. Only 13 of you will continue on in the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model.”

Adam says he’s “ready to rage,” and Mirjana calls him out, saying he’s drunk. Adam drunkenly asks her if she wants to have an athletic competition right now. Ok, I kind of chuckled at that, but I still hate him. And Mirjana. Matthew defends Adam and tells Mirjana off. She camera talks that she doesn’t like Matthew anymore. Ugh, she’s such a drama-filled 18-year-old. Just hearing her talk makes me tired.

The models go to panel and Miss J is NOT wearing his bobby pins. It turns out he’s going to be rocking a hairstyle from a different era at each judging. This era is like, Louis XIV? I’m not sure.


Here’s what the judges have to say:



Miss J: 8, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 6, Challenge Score: 9, Fan Vote: 6.1



Miss J: 7, Tyra: 9, Kelly: 5, Challenge Score: 7, Fan Vote: 5.1



Miss J: 9, Tyra: 10, Kelly: 7, Challenge Score: 10, Fan Vote: 5.8



Miss J: 7, Tyra: 9, Kelly: 7, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 6.9



Miss J: 8, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 6, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 5.4



Miss J: 8, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 8, Challenge Score: 7, Fan Vote: 6.3



And I’m calling it right now: Lenox is going to be in the top 3 – no doubt.

Miss J: 8, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 9, Challenge Score: 7, Fan Vote: 7.6



Miss J: 8, Tyra: 7, Kelly: 7, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 6.9



Miss J: 8, Tyra: 9, Kelly: 7, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 4.7



Miss J: 7, Tyra: 7, Kelly: 7, Challenge Score: 6, Fan Vote: 5.8



Miss J: 7, Tyra: 7, Kelly: 6, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 5.9



Miss J: 8, Tyra: 7, Kelly: 6, Challenge Score: 7, Fan Vote: 5.6

Brolicious Adam

Kelly Cutrone says it scares her because it looks like Adam is going to try to have sex with them. Tyra says he brings an energy on set that is crazy but he comes out looking good.


Miss J: 6, Tyra: 9, Kelly: 7, Challenge Score: 6, Fan Vote: 6.7



Miss J: 8, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 7, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 6.1

And here are the rankings:

  1. Keith gets best photo – 41.8
  2. Lenox – 39.6
  3. Mirjana – 37.9
  4. Matthew – 37.3
  5. Denzel – 37.1
  6. Chantelle – 37.1
  7. Ben – 36.9
  8. Romeo – 36.7
  9. Kari – 35.4
  10. Adam – 34.7
  11. Raelia – 33.9
  12. Shei – 33.6

It comes down to Will and Ivy. Tyra says that Will was very disappointing at the fashion show because he’s a dancer, but on the runway he just fell apart. And while Ivy’s photo shoot wasn’t awful, Will’s was a hot mess (although his photo was “amazing”). So who stays in the competition? It’s Will!

13. Will – 33.10

And Ivy is out – 32.8

But Ivy’s not completely out! Just like last cycle, everyone who is eliminated will get to participate in every photo shoot. The eliminated contestant who has the highest average social media score will come back into the competition later on.

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 21: Makeovers! Yay! And Romeo the bitch witch casts some spells.