Yeah, that's a bad beard weave.

Yeah, that’s a bad beard weave.

Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 21: The moddabes had a nearly nude runway show and a photo shoot where they got water dumped all over them. Mirjana “dumped” Matthew and called out Adam on his drinking. Ivy was eliminated.

ANTM Season 21, Episode 4 opens with the moddabes headed back to the Top Model house. As winner of top photo, Keith AKA Manaconda had his photo displayed in the house. Keith also won the last challenge, so he heads to the Tyra Suite where he finds out he’ll be getting some Tyra Treats at the next photo shoot.

Mirjana kind of sort of apologizes to Matt.


Ok, she kind of sort of apologizes to Matthew and then Taylor Swiftly moves on to Denzel. See what I did there? Swiftly. Taylor Swiftly? Alright, sorry I won’t try that again.

Chantelle camera talks about her skin disease. Chantelle has a rare skin disease called Vitiligo. Which I think might be what Michael Jackson had? I’m not sure how I feel about her. On the one hand I applaud her bravery to go on a national TV show and talk about her struggles. On the other hand, I kind of feel like Tyra is exploiting Chantelle and using her as a gimmick. What do you think?

The moddabes unwind and go swimming, and Romeo reads “The Classic Guide to Witchcraft.” Romeo is bothered that people are socializing and “mingling.” He decides to motivate himself by lighting some candles and doing some “spell work.” He then asks the producers if they can supply him with the necessary supplies to make voodoo dolls. Ugh.

The next day, the moddabes meet up with Yu Tsai for an optical illusion photo shoot. Yu Tsai explains that photographer An Le will be taking sideways photos of the models to make them appear “anti gravity.”

The Tyra Treats arrive for Keith and Kari – they consist of oysters on the half shell, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries. Keith camera talks that there’s a love triangle going on between himself, Mirjana and Matthew. I’m not sure about that. Mirjana and Denzel are flirting and Matthew kind of just seems over it. Matthew says that nothing Mirjana does can be taken seriously because she still has a boyfriend back home. Snap.

Back at the house, a package comes for the moddabes. It’s the gift of…MAKEOVERS!!! Hooray! My favorite week on America’s Next Top Model!

The next day, the moddabes meet up with Tyra, Miss J. and Cory at the Christophe Salon. Tyra says that in addition to their makeovers, they’re all getting DNA tests to determine “who they really are.” Okay, so…okay.

They proceed to the makeovers, and everyone seems okay with what they have done – except Kari. Kari gets her hair and her eyebrows bleached. It not only doesn’t look very good, but it looks painful too. Denzel gets a weird beard weave…hence the title of the episode, you know, maybe that’s just too much, beard styles 2017 are not here yet. Chantelle really likes her weave, and Romeo tells her she’s being arrogant. Matthew expresses his man crush on Will and tells him he was attractive before, but his makeover makes him look like a model. It’s really sweet.

Everyone goes back to the house and they party it up. Mirjana and Denzel take a shower together. Matthew kisses Will. The next day, Matthew claims he just respects Will as an attractive person, but that he’s definitely straight. Everyone is like “OMG, Matthew is gay!” And Matthew is like, “who cares?” And poor Will is kind of caught in the middle like, “yeah this is what I went through my entire childhood.”

Skull Mail!

“Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. Only 12 of you will continue on in the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model.”

At panel, Miss J. Alexander is rocking some kind of pageboy haircut. There was no challenge this week, so the moddabes are being judged solely on their photos.



Miss J: 7, Tyra: 7, Kelly: 6, Fan Vote: 6.3


Miss J: 9, Tyra: 9, Kelly: 7, Fan Vote: 6.8


Miss J: 8, Tyra: 9, Kelly: 7, Fan Vote: 6.8


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 8, Fan Vote: 6.4


Miss J: 6, Tyra: 7, Kelly: 7, Fan Vote: 6.4


Miss J: 8, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 7, Fan Vote: 7.3


Miss J: 8, Tyra: 10, Kelly: 8, Fan Vote: 7.6


Miss J: 9, Tyra: 9, Kelly: 8, Fan Vote: 7.7


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 8, Fan Vote: 5.8


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 9, Kelly: 9, Fan Vote: 5.9


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 6, Kelly: 7, Fan Vote: 7.3


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 6, Fan Vote: 5.8


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 7, Fan Vote: 6.2

And here are the rankings:

  1. Ben gets best photo – 33.7
  2. Lenox – 33.6
  3. Will – 31.8
  4. Raelia – 30.9
  5. Keith – 30.8
  6. Matthew – 30.3
  7. Mirjana – 29.4
  8. Romeo – 28.8
  9. Denzel – 28.2
  10. Shei – 27.3
  11. Adam – 26.8

It comes down to Chanetelle and Kari. Tyra says Chantelle is very beautiful, but all her beauty is being thrown away. Kari’s photo just wasn’t stellar. So who stays in the competition? It’s Kari!

Kari – 26.4

And Chantelle is eliminated with a 26.3

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 21: The moddabes play Truth or Dare; there is a spider web themed photo shoot.