Previously, on America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 21: The moddabes got makeovers, and there was an unfortunate beard weave involved. They also had an “optical illusion” photo shoot. Ben got best photo and Chantelle was eliminated.

Okay, so the episode is called “The Guy Who Starts a Fight” and my money is on either Adam or Romeo as the title character. The episode opens with the moddabes coming back to the Top Model house after panel. Since Ben got best photo, his best shot is displayed in the entryway of the house. Ben picks Adam to join him in the Tyra suite.

The moddabes relax after panel and they decide to play Truth or Dare. Matt dares Kari to make out with Mirjana, and so they do. The guys all freak out and are like, OMG that’s so sexy. But Romeo is too good for their shenanigans and camera talks that “as a witch” he’s going to start getting people out of the competition.

The next day, the moddabes meet up with Tyra Banks in the LA Fashion District. Tyra announces to the models that “sex sells.” And she tells them she’s going to teach them how to make love to the camera without taking off their clothes.

Step 1: Werk the Smirk

Step 2: Fierce Fantasy Headroll

Step 3: Peeping Tooch (girls) or Peeping Booch (guys)

I can’t really explain step 3, but it’s definitely the hardest step for everyone to get down. Lenox especially has trouble, and she just gives up – which Tyra does not look kindly upon.

The next day, Yu Tsai shows up at the Top Model house bright and early at 6 AM. He wakes up the models and tells them they’re going to be paired up to shoot a fragrance commercial. A fragrance inspired by spiders. Everyone else is boy girl except for Matthew and Will who get paired up together – I love those guys.

The photo shoot requires the girl to be like a vampire spider, and the guy is caught in a spider web. Except for Matthew and Will – Will is the girl in this scenario. Mirjana and Keith are paired up – which makes Denzel very jealous. Lenox is very awkward and not sexy at all – which makes me very disappointed because she’s been my favorite so far.


Back at the house, the moddabes celebrate Romeo’s birthday. Romeo gets very drunk and starts wrestling with Adam. Adam refuses to fight Romeo, but Romeo starts trying to pick a fight with him and Romeo ends up head butting him.


The next day, the moddabes meet up with Yu Tsai and Miss J. Miss J. says that what Romeo did was a violation of the rules, and he gets sent home. Miss J. then moves on to happier things and says the moddabes are going to get a runway lesson from some broad wearing stilts. The models will be rocking “extreme” fashions while wearing stilts in their runway show.

At the runway show, Raelia full on falls through the doorway onto the runway – awwwwwkwarrrrrd. A few of the guys almost fall (Ben and Adam), but no one else eats it. Miss J. and Yu Tsai announce the winner of the challenge, and it’s Ben. Adam ends up in the bottom of the challenge scores.

At panel, Miss J. Alexander is wearing her hair in some sort of wavy 1920s hairdo.



Miss J: 9, Tyra: 9, Kelly: 8, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 6.9


Miss J: 8, Tyra: 9, Kelly: 8, Challenge Score: 7, Fan Vote: 7.3


Miss J: 8, Tyra: 9, Kelly: 8, Challenge Score 8, Fan Vote: 6.0


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 7, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 5.2


Miss J: 9, Tyra: 6, Kelly: 9, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 5.9


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 1, Kelly: 7, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 7.3


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 5, Kelly: 8, Challenge Score: 9, Fan Vote: 5.6


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 10, Kelly: 10, Challenge Score: 6, Fan Vote: 7.3


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 10, Kelly: 6, Challenge Score: 8, Fan Vote: 6.3


Miss J: 7, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 6, Challenge Score: 6, Fan Vote: 6


Miss J: 8, Tyra: 8, Kelly: 7, Challenge Score: 7, Fan Vote: 5.6

And here are the rankings:

  1. Will gets best photo – 40.9
  2. Raelia – 40.3
  3. Keith – 39.3
  4. Mirjana – 39.0
  5. Matthew – 37.9
  6. Shei – 37.3
  7. Denzel – 35.6
  8. Kari – 35.2
  9. Ben – 34.6

It comes down to Adam and Lenox. Adam is there because of a low social media score and low challenge score – not because he did poorly on the commercial shoot. Tyra is very disappointed that Lenox gave up on trying to be sexy. So who should be eliminated? It’s Lenox – 30.3.

10. Adam – 33.0

BUT – because Romeo already got sent home, Lenox gets to stay. However, at the next photo shoot, Tyra is only giving Lenox five frames to get the shot.

Next time, on America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 21: The moddabes have some kind of hairy photo shoot.

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