You can’t stop every bad thing. That’s just how it is.”

With fences needing mending and everything seemingly going to hell in a hand basket, Nucky is up to it something fierce this week. And Chalky heads in a new direction. The Empire is a stable as it ever was.

Welcome back to the Boardwalk gang.

Chalky and his associate break into a house with two very conservative white women inhabiting it. Nucky reminisces about his childhood on the boardwalk learning how to hustle. And in the present day continues the Cuban hustle. Meanwhile, Margaret finds herself in quite a quandary, as the feds are pushing hard for information on her financial records, and seem to have her under a particularly scrutinizing magnifying glass.

Chalky’s partner seems to be a touch off his rocker, as he holds the two women of the house they broke into at gunpoint. He is unwilling to have a discussion, or take their money and leave, despite Chalky’s insistence and the valid point of reason. The game in Harlem is in full swing between the blacks and the Italians, and Nucky has a meeting where he insists his brother is taking care of business in Chicago, as he has lunch with a persnickety Joe Kennedy.

Chalky and his sleepy associate keep their hostages quiet while the expected return of the Father actually ends up being a delivery of a dress for the daughter, Fern’s, spring formal. Chalky’s associate makes her “put it on proper.” Fern’s Mother puts a stop to a potentially rapey situation by telling the men that the safe is upstairs.

Nucky’s flashbacks as a child continue to be a source of mystery, filled with confused sexuality and long-set guilt. He then heads forward to a Shriners convention where he explains a 2000% mark up to Mr. Kennedy. And still pushing the Bacardi like he was born in Havana. Chalky and crazy pants find the safe, but figure out that there might not be a husband coming home. Chalky take sit upon himself to save the two white girls and kill his associate. The daughter pulls a gun on him after he takes out the “bad guy,” and then takes his leave.

“Those men are gangsters. I’m an advocate for repeal.” Nucky answers Joe Kennedy’s accusations about being a gangster as such. But it still seems as if they might be able to do some business, provided Kennedy’s name isn’t smeared. It is, after all, teaching his boys how to sail and bang strippers.

The Italians from earlier show up at the local black whorehouse for some “dark meat.” They murder the lot of ’em. Looks like there’s more blood in the water, and the final flashback shows Nucky realizing that life is rough, to say the least. Murder, murder, murder is the name of the game on the Boardwalk Empire. That and awesome, classic swing music.

See you next week, gang.