Boardwalk-Empire“You’re the son of a fisherman. What’re you trying to catch?”

The artsy, 1920’s gangster bit that everyone loves is back for its final season. Boardwalk Empire comes at ya’ like a straight shot from Nucky’s revolver. Atlantic City is in for a rough time, and the fans of Boardwalk Empire are in for one hell of a ride.

We find Nucky in Havana Cuba, 1931, seemingly despondent, despite the colorful music, drinks, and ladies surrounding him.  The world of 1931 is very different from 1924 when the roaring twenties were in rip roaring swing and the fat cats like Nucky were getting rich off of prohibition. By now, the party’s pretty much over. Nucky meets with a U.S. Senator to forge ties with the Cuban forces behind Bacardi Rum. And with the help of his lovely assistant, Nucky is poised to make a rum run, as it were. But the politics of America are making things difficult for everyone involved.

Margaret shows up, Nucky’s estranged wife who is feeling the effects of the depression when her boss kills himself in front his entire staff, so does the black gangster Chalky White, who is on a chain gang. When we last saw Chalky, he had just survived an assassination attempt by his nemesis Valentin that cost him the life of his mentor.

As Nucky lays out his post-Prohibition plan in Cuba, there is a lot of flashing back to his screwed up childhood when he first met the Commodore, who is now played by John Conlee. The sepia tone makes it clear when the flashbacks happen, so at least there’s that, but it doesn’t make any more sense. Meanwhile, Chalky is having a hell of a time on the chain gang. As anyone would, given the circumstances, because chain gangs suck.

Clandestine meetings between the gangs back in AC happen, but that matters little as Chalky takes advantage of a chain gang insurrection and escapes. Almost. He is surprised by another inmate, who recruits him for his own nefarious plans, and they make their way off together

Nucky meets with the rum proprietor in Cuba, and the senator, and it is game on. “With Bacardi Rum as my most exclusive offer.” But as per the usual, back alley deals and broad daylight back stabs set the table for a violently unpredictable, razor blade serious, series. Nucky takes some heat from the senator, is almost assassinated by a well-dressed gent with a machete, and then rescued by someone with a dapper suit and some sweet hand-to-hand skills (oh, and he also collects ears). Stay tuned you crazy kids, this is going to get wild.