“The Law’s a Shield, Not a Sword…”

Nucky got lucky last week, and while he’ll most likely be around for a bit, it is a wonder who will be joining him at the end of the line. Wanna find out? So do we.

Welcome back to the Boardwalk gang.

Nucky is back in New York talking with an old compatriot, who he accuses of conspiring with Myer Lansky to have him clipped. There’s a stereotypical flashback about an Irish family drinking away the money for their daughter’s burial, and then straight onto a job op for the young flashback to show that he has integrity. And it is Nucky’s nephew. And he is adamant about digging crime out of the crevices of society.

Al Capone is being fitted for a suit as well as getting ready for a photo shoot. He’s also getting screwed on a deal. His good humor aside, someone is going to die. Van Alden is also in trouble, as he is “chalk full of promises” to get the big man his money back. Also the ladies in the asylum have pissed off doctor cotton. But only one of them gets what they ask for.

Nucky gets together with some breakfast cereal conglomerates, with his hook ups with Bacardi Rum, and pitches them an upcoming business proposition. He admits to being a bootlegger, and informs them that if they want to have a financial opportunity beyond anything else, they should bet on him, and the fact that repeal will happen. But the fizzy wigs say, neigh. Mr. Kennedy doesn’t seem to mind, however. Not, at, all.

Van has to explain to his son why clouds float in the atmosphere. But he is floating around his attic on account of his own accord, which has a unique mixture of interest, racism and passion.  This carries over (thematically, as it is with a different cast of characters) with Nucky and his Italian connections (via Lansky). A botched robbery with involving some of Capone’s men leaves carnage in the streets (via gnarly head shots) and some revenge a comin’.

Finally, Nucky’s brother Eli continues hiding out with the Capone gang in Chicago after murdering a federal agent in Atlantic City. Upset at having to be far away from his wife, June, and their eight children, Eli is reduced to a drunken wretch.

Eli and Van catch Capone’s famous wrath when the feds raid a warehouse and seize a large stockpile of whiskey and cash. Conducting the bust is Prohibition Agent Eliot Ness and his infamous law enforcement team, “The Untouchables.”

“The city of Chicago is at a great precipice, teetering between good and evil.” Seems like that is the motto for every city in the show.

See you next week, gang.