S04E04 Scandal Like Father Like Daughter

It’s nearly impossible to watch Scandal and not wonder what’s going on behind the doors of the real White House. Which power players have a hand in shaping the world in which we live without our knowing? Which power players that we do know have bloody hands? What secrets are they covering up?

This week, Olivia gets to cover up the First Daughter’s threesome sex tape.

We open with the (recently recast) President’s daughter puking in a room at a party. How is it not already all over Twitter that she was there in the first place? Who knows? In a stroke of inebriated genius, she calls Liv to save the day.

Oh, she slipped her secret service detail? What is this? My Date with the President’s Daughter? Well, maybe a racier version than that Disney classic, because Karen Grant’s idea of a good time involves a sex tape in which she says, “Okay boys, let’s go to Paris.” TMI. TMI. TMI. But oh, so scandalous.

From there the team has to track down which boys were involved to ensure the video doesn’t go public. Strangely, that’s almost all this episode is: several scenes of recreating Karen’s drunken night, rehashing that she engaged in this sexual adventure because she wanted to not because anyone coerced her.

When we finally track down the boys involved, one boy gives the other up, and the second boy’s parents want $2.5 million in exchange for the tape. But Olivia being Olivia, our fixer extraordinaire shuts the blackmail down with one intelligently threatening speech. Quick and easy.

Elsewhere, doubt is finally cast on our favorite secret service agent Tom after an investigator finds discrepancies in his schedule in the days following Jerry Jr.’s death. When questioned, he’s forced to lie and blame Jake for delivering his orders. And now the president believes Jake ordered Jerry Jr.’s death just hours after finding out that Liv absconded for two months with Jake and note alone as Fitz thought.

“Like Father Like Daughter” is clearly an episode meant to build toward whatever next week brings. We needed Fitz and Jake to find themselves in opposite corners for a reason more concrete than merely Olivia’s affections. Now that the power lines have been drawn, what now?

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