No Point In Begging, Right?”

Last week we settled in for the long haul after a gnarly escape from certain doom. Or did we? It looks like it’s becoming harder to discern between who’s eating who. Lackadaisical cannibalism is only one of the horrors in this terrifying new world, though it may just be the worst.

And with that fellow Walking Dead, away we go…

Gareth tries to explain to Bob exactly what they like best about eating humans, how even though they ate his leg he is “lucky to be above ground”. As the other remaining members of Terminus munch on Bob, Bob has a nice revelation for them. He has been bitten! He is infected to a degree that will surely screw over the other cannibals at an exponential rate. Schwoops!

Rick and his crew are looking for Bob though. Sneak sneak sneak through the woods, as they fight Walkers, they have faith that they will find their missing friend. Oh, and speaking of faith, the newly added Priest from last week is still under suspicion. That is until he (Gabriel) explains how his cowardice led to his entire congregation being eaten alive while he cowered inside.

Bob is picked up, but he reveals that he is not only an unfortunate amputee, but that he has been bitten. Daryl and Carol are gone, and some of the group wants to go to DC led by Abraham. Glenn tries to talk him down. The group is bickering worse than the UN. Eugene, the key to the whole DC experiment, is bullied into going with them. They agree to stay until morning. Bob is on his way out.

The group decides to make a move against the remaining members of Terminus. Time to settle some s***. Or maybe Terminus goes to sneak up on the church. Interesting juxtaposition eh? Or maybe Terminus knew that the main fighting force had left. Yes, yes they did. Oh, and so did RICK! (Can I get a hell yeah?) Because Rick and Co. shanghaied them and straight up killed them. That’s right, stabbed them to death so as not to waste ammunition. Gabriel complains that this should to have been done in the Lord’s house, but the rest of the group, who is sane, could not give two s***’s. Bob is put down after having a heartfelt with Rick while he holds baby Judith saying “Just look at her, and tell me the world isn’t gonna change” Bit of a dream perhaps? Who knows… the dead keep on walking.

See you next week Gang.