“You’ll Burn For This…”

Welcome back to the land of the living dead. To say this season started by going from Zero to “What the f***!” is an understatement. After our heroes narrowly escaped what can only be described as the world’s most disturbing deli, they are once more cast into the wilderness, with only their wits, their weapons and ghosts of the past to aid them.

And with that, fellow Walking Dead, away we go…

Maggie and Glenn have reunited, Rick is aging at an exponential rate, and everyone is attempting to get their Barings after the hell they just went through. Tyreese and Carol have a heart to heart about being the groups “outsiders”, and the rag tag group traverses the countryside that is still as infested with walkers as ever. Carol and Daryl have their moment to catch up, basically, everyone is getting back to the bit.

After a short jaunt through the woods, the group encounters a priest on top of a rock being assaulted by walkers. The zombies are dispatched quickly enough, but who is the mysterious stranger? Oh, his name is Gabriel. And he lives in a church deep, deep in the woods. The nearby houses have all been scavenged, but there is one that is over run with walkers. Carl trusts Gabriel, but Rick does not. They are taking him with the scavenging party to the house while the other stay behind to get the bus behind the church running and to take a much-needed rest. But they are not safe.

Daryl and Carol find a car. Glenn and Maggie find some silencers. And Rick and his crew find the food bank. There are some walkers halfway immersed in water, blocking their way. “If a sewer could puke, this is what it would smell like.” They fight through some walkers in the mucky water and come up with a ton of canned food. There is something carved onto the side of the church that Carl discovers, but what doe sit mean? Nothing super important, as it were, as the crew enjoys their bounty that night in a sort of feast, they have a revelation that they must get Eugene to Washington D.C. to cure the pandemic.

Maggie forgives a member of the group who was with the Gov. at the assault on the prison. Daryl and Carol take off after a rogue car and Bob is shanghaied by some of the cannibals from last week. And isn’t exactly a leg up on ’em.

See you next week Gang.