Our favorite couple is once again arguing, this time about where to spend the night. Whilst goofing around in bed during the cold open, Danny accidentally kicks Mindy in the eye, as the two can’t agree on which side of the bed to sleep on. Mindy uses his guilt to convince Danny to stay the night at her place for once. However, there’s a problem: Mindy has been slacking on her teaching duties with the affiliated teaching hospital, and Dr. Fishman is not happy, so she forces her to work that night.

Mindy tries to get out of her obligation by having Tamra take her place, but Jean catches her, so she reluctantly heads to the hospital. During rounds, she meets TJ, an overzealous intern who tries to take charge. Peter encourages him, but Mindy doesn’t like his cocky attitude, and brings in another intern, Candace, to help her with their patient’s procedure.

While Mindy’s out, Danny makes himself at home. After taking a shower, he finds himself in Mindy’s room, and comes across her diary. He can’t help himself, and reads a number of entries in which Mindy gushes about their relationship, but then he spills wine on the pages. In a panic, he and Morgan convince Jeremy, a skilled calligrapher, to rewrite the diary in Mindy’s handwriting.

Frustrated that he was passed up for someone else, TJ files a sexual harassment claim against Mindy. She confronts him, and admits that she wanted to give the other students a chance, and that he needs to be nicer to his fellow interns. But when TJ apologizes to Candace, the two become romantically involved. Mindy tells Candace she doesn’t want to be her mentor anymore, because she doesn’t like that she’s putting guys before her career. At first, Mindy is sad to lose her, but Jean then points out that she does have a mentee in TJ.

While they’re working through the diary, Jeremy reads aloud a recent entry where Mindy says that she’s thinking about breaking up with Danny if he doesn’t propose soon. Danny goes to his mom for advice, who tells him to end it if he doesn’t want to marry Mindy. He rushes to get to Mindy’s place before she does to put her diary back, and when she arrives home, he tells her he doesn’t want to move too fast. He starts to leave, fearing too big of a commitment is coming, but decides to stay instead.

“You better get down here, and get down here now, or the only thing you’ll be delivering are boxes. Why? ‘Cause you’ll be working at the post office.” – Jean Fishman

“His lips are plump like boiled hot dogs. Damn it, now I’m hungry.” – from Mindy’s diary circa 2007

“I must say, as the world’s biggest sexist to never have a complaint filed against him, you must have done something pretty bad.” – Peter