This episode was off to an excellent start – we got Danny Castellano abs less than 20 seconds into the opening scene, as he and Mindy decide to try out some of Cosmo‘s erotic bubble bath tips. But they’re interrupted by Annette, which leads into a discussion about the lack of boundaries in Danny’s relationship with his mom.

Because Mindy won’t be number two to anyone, she hatches a plan to set Annette up on a date. She recruits Dr. Ledreau, a soon-to-be-retired fellow obstetrician, whom Jeremy is trying to befriend in order get patient referrals. Annette is thrilled, but Danny isn’t happy with the idea of his mom dating.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Tamra break up, and Morgan takes up residence in Peter’s office. Peter creates an online dating profile for him, and while they’re browsing Morgan’s matches, they see a profile for Annette Castellano. Mindy confronts her, and Annette says that she had such a great time on her first date, she wants to see what else is out there.

In order to help Jeremy get back in Dr. Ledreau’s good graces, Mindy pays Morgan to take Annette out, hoping this will send her back the older doctor. The plan backfires, and Morgan and Annette hit it off, with the former eager to take on a father figure role to his significantly older colleague, Danny.

Desperate to split the odd couple up, Mindy and Danny confront Annette and Morgan. When she finds out that her ex is moving on, Tamra decides she wants Morgan back, but he turns her down in favor of pursing other women. Annette agrees that she should be dating other, more appropriate men, and calls up Dr. Ledreau, who’s so invigorated by the prospect that he decides that he’s not ready for retirement.


Choice lines:

“I feel like I’m in a Baby Bjorn.” – Danny, being swaddled by Mindy in the bathtub
“Damnit, why’s my posse so young and fresh?” – Mindy
“I already met Markie Post one time. And her publicist said to stop sending her emails.” – Morgan
“My dad left when I was young too, so I didn’t even know what catch was. Turns out it’s just like fetch, but both people are… the person.” – Morgan