It’s easy to make a deal with the devil when you’re not the one paying the price.”


Last week we kept on truckin’, dodging cannibals both with and without pulses. This week we’re catching up with some old friends. Shades of the series opener, this time involving Beth. She’s got a touch of the amnesia, and the cop and doctor who “rescued her” expect a debt of gratitude.

Welcome back fellow Walking Dead.

Grady Memorial Hospital is a place with a no nonsense view of this brave, cruel world. Cops and doctors try and save the few remaining civilians from the “rotters”. The people in this place seem to be rather insistent on getting props for their “good deeds”. Or getting slapped, as when Beth does during an attempt to save another survivor whom the doctor deems a “waste of resources”. And it’s then straight onto n amputation scene straight out of audition. There is quite a bit of dissent among the people who “work” in the hospital. The cops think they run the show, but they are loosing their tentative hold on the group.

Gorman and the good doctor get into a bit of a passive aggressive row over Beth, and she can’t understand why anyone stays there. When she asks, she gets the nickel tour. Doc shows her the ground floor, full of Walkers. They have a heart to heart on the rooftop, where he explains their little society set up. Beth accidentally kills one of the patients by dosing him with the wrong medicine. She gets someone else; a kind intern named Noah in trouble takes a lecture from the scary female cop. And decides it’s time to leave.

She finds the amputee “deadish” in her room. The rapacious cop corners her and tries to get naughty, but before he can the amputee comes back to life and bites the hell out of his neck. Beth escapes, and with Noah tries to make her way out through the elevator shaft filled with dead bodies (the non-bitey kind). Noah bails on her, and she is captured by some of the cops after a skirmish with some Walkers.

Beth calls the good doctor on his b.s. (he purposely had her give him the wrong medicine so he would remain useful). It seems as if this world is full of either bullies or cowards. All of whom are marching towards inevitable oblivion.

See you next week Gang.