As much as Mindy loves how “manly” Danny is, she still enjoys hanging out with Peter when she needs a friend for doing things that are more youth-oriented. Before one such outing, Mindy gets a peek inside Peter’s home life, and is disgusted to find that he’s still living a fraternity lifestyle – with three of his brothers from Dartmouth.

Mindy comes up with a plan: Danny will rent out the apartment next door (which he owns) to Peter. What she doesn’t know is that Danny is thinking of knocking down the wall in between his two apartments for “family.” Danny doesn’t tell her this though, and lets Peter move in.

After cooking them a thank-you dinner, Peter is invited to spend the night on the couch since he doesn’t yet have a bed. Danny realizes just how close the two of them are, and is annoyed to have to share his girlfriend. On top of that, Peter is wearing out his welcome fast, especially when Danny joins him in the shower after mistaking him for Mindy. After that embarrassing incident, Danny only allows him to stay if he sticks to his own apartment.

Later, Randy, the contractor, comes by, and lets slip to Danny’s plans for the apartment to Mindy. She rushes over and tells Peter he needs to move out. That night, Peter throws a huge party, at which Mindy finds out that Danny wanted to combine the two apartments in order to make room should his mom move in someday. Embarrassed, Mindy flees, just before Peter greases himself up and goes sliding across a counter – and out the window, putting himself in the hospital.

Danny visits Peter in the hospital, and agrees to let him live in the apartment a little longer. Then he goes to talk with Mindy, and tells her she can move in if she really wants to. Mindy, in a rare moment of maturity, tells him that she wants to move in – when he’s actually ready to ask her.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is taking care of his girlfriend Lauren’s baby, Henry, for the weekend. Morgan comes over to help out, and it turns out that he’s a baby whisperer, so Jeremy asks him to teach him how to take care of a child. They discover that Henry likes it when Jeremy gets hurt, so they employee this tactic – over and over. Jeremy is exhausted by the end, and realizes he may have bit off more than he can chew by getting involved with someone who has a child.


Choice lines:

“What do you think about this listing for my extra apartment: Immaculate pet-hater’s dream. A perfect place to take your shoes off and not smoke.” – Danny
“I really need help finding a grown-up living situation. Right now, I’m a grown-up living like The Situation.” – Peter
“Yeah, I know I have a beer butt and weed boobs, thanks for reminding me.” – Peter