With the combination of the holiday season and Mindy’s recent concern about her future of her and Danny’s relationship, Mindy has taken to obsessing over when Danny will pop the question. When she finds a receipt for $20,000 at “Forever Stones,” she thinks it’s finally happening. But nothing is ever as simple as Mindy hopes…

Dr. Fishman throws Mindy for a loop when she offers to recommend her for a teaching fellowship at Stanford. Mindy’s interested, but she’s still focused on “the stone” she heard Danny discussing on the phone. Later, at dinner, he tells her that he was referring to a burial plot that he purchased for himself, and she decides to throw herself into the fellowship application instead, asking for a recommendation from Dr. Ledreau.

When she tells Danny about the fellowship, he’s disappointed, but Peter is the one who points out to Danny that Mindy was hoping to get engaged. Danny takes this to mean that Mindy doesn’t really want to go to Stanford, so he tells Dr. Ledreau not to waste his time writing her a recommendation. But at the holiday party, he finds out that she was serious, and she was devastated that she wouldn’t be able to get the application in on time.

Mindy makes Danny a documentary about his life for his Secret Santa gift, and he’s so touched, he decides that it’s time to propose. Annette convinces him to get Mindy the fellowship instead, so he runs all of the city to get her application in time. Two weeks later, they find out that she got in.

Meanwhile, Peter is still living in Danny’s extra apartment, and he’s actually managing to be a responsible adult. He asks Danny to get him a date, and Danny agrees to fix him up with his friend Jessica (Julia Stiles), a doctor who also happens to be a “recovering” hoarder. When Jessica asks Mindy about Peter, Mindy points her in the direction of the hospital lounge – where she mistakes Morgan for Peter. Morgan thinks that she’s his Secret Santa gift from Danny, so he agrees to go on a date with her.

It’s not until after they sleep together that Morgan realizes Jessica thought he was Peter all along. When the real Peter finds out at the holiday party, he agrees to help Morgan keep up the charade for Jessica. But this plan fails when she sees him with his real name in Mindy’s movie. Morgan apologizes, and he and Jessica decide to keep dating.


Choice lines:
“Is she like a real housewife, or a toddler with a tiara, or a river monster? ‘Cause none of those things seem like deal-breakers to me.” – Peter
“But my therapist says, ‘You do not need 12 broken printers, and you’re not going to give them to your kids someday.'” – Jessica
“You’re a beautiful angel, and I’m Wreck-It Ralph.” – Morgan