“Fish played the game, she knew the risks,” Bullock says at the beginning of this week’s Gotham, which sees the previously fearsome boss locked up in chains.

One of Falcone’s “best guys” Bob is working with her, or so says two or his lower level goons as they transport the girl, who we learn is actually named Maria Mercedes Mooney.

Gordon apologizes to Bullock for his loss, as he knew he had a “thing” for the woman, but in typical Bullock fashion he quips: “I don’t got a thing for nobody. My thing is for me.”

The two meet up early for what Bullock calls a “public service homicide.” A drug dealer was found murdered, and they at first assume it was a deal gone awry.

However, after Bullock and the narcotics officer walk away, Gordon finds a secret compartment in the victim’s shoe that contained drugs, which he quickly tucks in his pocket without saying a word.

Luckily, they find a man at the warehouse who says he caught a glimpse of the murderer, and was nice enough to agree to come to the precinct and speak to a sketch artist about it.

Unluckily, the precinct, despite being chock full of officers, apparently has zero security, and the nice witness is brutally murdered in the police department by the killer as he waits to give his statement.

Meanwhile, Butch is on a mission, looking furious as he takes out Falcone’s men on his fervent search for Fish. He finds her impressively quickly, and is relieved to get to her before any serious damage is done, but of course, she doesn’t want to leave the city with him.

She’s eager for vengeance against Penguin, who seems to have taken over her club in her leave.He presents the seized property to his proud – and slightly offbeat – mother, who then eerily picks up and dons the late Liza’s scarf.

Master Bruce makes an appearance for the first time since the show’s midseason return, and it seems the lovelorn boy is on the hunt for Selina.

He runs into Ivy – crazy as ever – who charges him $20 to give the girl a message, which he accepts of course, much to Alfred’s dismay.

Back at the station Gordon has moved onto his latest conspiracy: the idea that the murders have been committed by a cop.

His hunt leads him to a cop named Delaware, who darts out of the back, into the garage, and safely makes it into his car to pull away, but for some reason stops and gets out because Gordon taps on the trunk as he’s leaving.

So, of course once he’s out Gordon arrests him, making a big display in front of the precinct. But it blows up in his face when the narcotics unit claims he only was only in the possession of drugs – the same ones Gordon found on the victim – because he’s an undercover agent. How convenient.

Our pal Nygma is still hard at work trying to woo Miss Kristen Kringle, as he drops by her office to give her a greeting card – Did you know that the earliest greeting cards date back to Germany in the 1400s?

Later, despite countless warnings and protestations Gordon heads to the stash house where Delaware has been working, where he and Bullock make a big show upon entering, but then immediately get the crap kicked out of them.

It gets even worse when the crooked cop reveals that he has every right to be there, as he has a warrant from the Commissioner to seize the drugs for a case against the Uptown Assassins.

He returns back to the precinct, defeated and angry, only to realize that things can get worse, as the commissioner has ruled the witness’s death as a suicide… despite the fact that the cause of death was stabs in the back from an ice pick, because the commissioner is not above lying to an old, grieving widow.

Everyone’s taking a hit today, as Nygma pays a visit to Kris, only to walk in a group of guys reading his greeting card to her, and making fun of him, while she looks on.

The rude burly guy from last week first reads the letter: “Dear Miss Kringle, your eyes are as green as a meadow. Your smile is as bright as the sun. Your skin is as white as a snowflake. It seems like your life is fun,” before calling him a ‘perv’ and telling him not to quit his day job.

Fish’s formerly hopping club looks like a sad valentine’s dance at a retirement home, as Penguin’s mother drunkenly dances with one of his men.

Gordon awkwardly stumbles in on the sad scene, as he comes to ask Penguin for a favor, after which Penguin clears out the club, and takes a moment to enjoy his recent successes alone.

The moment doesn’t last long, however, as Fish shows up with her main man Butch – and a bat – as Penguin drunkenly announces the opening of his new club from the stage.

Selina finally shows up and Bruce gives her a snow globe, which looks like the town in Switzerland Alfred whisked him off to after all of the earlier troubles.

She seems impressed at first, but when he offers to have her live in his house again, to give her somewhere ‘better’ to stay, she snaps.

Selina hands back the trinket, claiming Bruce has been hassling her and that she lied about ever knowing who killed his parents just to stay out of juvie, leaving the boy looking so heartbroken it’s almost difficult to watch.

Meanwhile, Fish attacks Penguin with her bat while he kisses her feet and begs to work together. However, after she debases him, calling him a nobody, he reveals that he had been working for Falcone the whole time, throwing her ignorance in her face.

She looked ready to kill, but just then Falcone’s henchman, lead by the horrifying Victor, entered shooting up the place. Butch forces her to run, but eventually he gets left behind in order to get her to safety.

Kris visits Nygma in his lab as he ‘surgically removes the onions’ from his takeout, and apologizes for what happened earlier. She cuts him off before he has a chance to ask her out, but he smiles anyway, quipping: “There’s hope.”

Alfred serves Bruce some tough love as he sits crying over his lost shot at justice for his parents, after which the boy seems reinvigorated; as he hops back up to look at the clues he has so far.

Gordon makes a big show of arresting the narcotics officer, after he’s given the ice pick that did in their poor witness. At first no one will get behind him, but after he makes an impassioned speech about trust and the meaning of the badge, the cops seem to come around, with the Captain even stepping in to cuff him.

However, during that big display Bullock was conspicuously absent, and it’s shortly revealed that he was helping Fish flee the city. She asks that he find Butch, and help him if he is still alive.

She insists that she’ll see him soon, despite his warnings that she would be safer staying away from Gotham, and then the two share a kiss before she takes her leave.

Finally, Gordon leaves the station feeling good about his victory, before he runs into a desperate Delaware who’s looking to see if the two were now even, since he’d given up the evidence against the other narcotics officer.

Gordon, of course, has no idea what he’s talking about, but Delaware then flings himself on the ground, begging him not to hurt his wife or children, and leaving Gordon looking bewildered.