When we last saw Mindy, she had decided to take a fellowship at Stanford, and Danny was being as supportive as a boyfriend who’s about to begin a long distance relationship can be. We’re reunited with the dynamic duo as Danny is helping Mindy move into her new accommodations, but she’s desperate to establish her independence. She gets off on the wrong foot with her professor and new colleagues, and turns to Danny for help, as he is old medical school friends with her new advisor, Dr. Rob Gurglar.

So Mindy and Danny go on a double date with Rob and his unhappy wife, Barbara, who takes the game of “footsie” to a whole new level…with an unsuspecting Danny. When Mindy finds out, it brings about a deeper issue: Both Mindy and Danny have doubts about whether or not she’ll succeed in this fellowship. Mindy approaches Dr. Gurglar and tells him about the incident, and ends up inadvertently getting him hit by a security car.

As she stitches up his head wound, Mindy asks Rob not to give her any special treatment just because she’s Danny’s girlfriend. He’s impressed with her skills, though, and assigns her to perform an important surgery for him. She delegates the work to her new friend Neepa, a mother who works at a fast food restaurant to make ends meet. That night, Danny and Mindy make up.

Back in New York, Morgan has organized an office basketball team, and he’s worried Danny won’t make it back for the game. When Mindy needs her boyfriend to stay longer, Morgan recruits Peter to join the team with he and Tamra instead. But when Tamra finds out that Morgan’s dating Jessica (Julia Stiles, in what’s apparently a recurring role), she quits the team, too.

Dr. Reid becomes their third player (I’m sorry – what kind of basketball game has only six participants?), and they hit the court – against Tamra’s new team, who call themselves “Morgan’s Worst Nightmare.” Morgan’s team loses badly, and Peter discovers that Tamra is angry with Morgan. After the game, Tamra’s teammate asks her out.

Choice lines:

“She has the energy of a PR woman for an alcohol brand.” – Rob Gurglar, about Mindy
“You own 40 dogs, and you think one of them might be like Air Bud, but no.” – Morgan
“Boston, baby! Home of the freedom trail and Tom Brady’s penis.” – Mindy