Mindy’s feeling a bit jealous in her now long-distance relationship: She checks up on Danny frequently, and even gets Morgan involved. Despite this, Danny encourages her to go out and have fun in San Francisco. While she’s on her way out, Mindy runs into a newly separated Dr. Rob Gurglar, and they go out to bar together – where Mindy runs into an old, Alex (Lee Pace, in the cameo we’ve all been waiting for).

In a flashback, we learn that the man formerly known as Xander was poached by a 24-year-old Mindy from his martial arts class, where she took him back to his dorm room to lose both of their virginities. Back in the present, we learn that Alex is now the very wealthy creator of an anonymous video search engine, and that he has never gotten over his first. But because he’s still bitter about his own relationship ending – and annoyed that he’s been ignored for the last several minutes – Rob forwards a romantic email Alex sent to Mindy years ago to Danny.

In New York, Danny reluctantly has Morgan over to hang out. While walking to Danny’s apartment, they see Peter and Lauren going into Peter’s apartment, which Morgan insists on investigating. As it turns out, Peter is babysitting for her, and after Mindy calls him to try and delete the scandalous email, he goes over to Danny’s apartment and explains this.

Unfortunately, Morgan already called Jeremy and left him a message, so he comes rushing over. When they try to alleviate his fears, the four men end up in a tangled web of lies and confusion, leading Jeremy to believe that Mindy is cheating on Danny. In California, while Alex flirts with Mindy, Rob begins to cause a commotion at the bar, so Alex takes him down with his martial arts moves, and proves himself even cooler in Mindy’s eyes.

But despite her attraction to him, Mindy lets Alex down easy, telling him that she loves Danny. After a violent run-in with Alex’s girlfriend Grace, Mindy goes home and calls Danny, and the two are as happy as ever. And when she asks him to babysit again, Peter kisses Lauren, which Morgan happens to see as he’s leaving the building.

Choice lines:

“Three years ago, you said to me ‘Eh I’m too busy, ask me again in 2015.’ That was three days ago.” – Morgan, to Danny

“Since Alex has been here, you haven’t mentioned the love of your life once.” – Dr. G
“What are you talking about? I’ve talked about spare ribs like three times.” – Mindy

“Bitcoin for your thoughts? – Penny, sorry, sometimes I forget.” – Alex