We jump ahead a few months in time from the last episode, with Mindy settling into her program. Danny, however, isn’t so happy, as he’s been traveling back and forth in order to spend time with his girlfriend. Mindy shows him around and helps him get acquainted with the city, and he starts to accept the bicoastal situation. Then, Rob asks Mindy if she and Danny would like to start a fertility clinic with him in San Francisco, so she now has to try and convince her Staten Island man to move to the west coast.

Mindy comes to New York for a surprise visit, and Danny surprises her with his own news: He’s purchased a rat-infested brownstone for them to move into together. She confides in Peter, unsure of what to do, but he has a secret of his own: Jeremy and Lauren broke up, and that she’s moving to Texas, but Peter still wants to be with her. He chases her to the airport, where they share a kiss, and Peter decides to move there with her. He then quits, thanking Mindy for encouraging him, and everyone blames her.

Because Danny is upset with Peter’s rash decision, Mindy tells Rob she can’t take the job. To win back the affections of everyone in the office, she throws Peter a going-away party, who convinces her to talk to Danny about taking the job in San Francisco. Danny and Jeremy both come around to Peter’s departure, but before Mindy can talk to her beau, Rob shows up in NYC and spills the beans.

When Danny finds out, he storms out, and Peter chases after him. They end up at the brownstone, where Peter explains to Danny that wherever he’s with Mindy will feel like home. (Then they accidentally break some pipes while taking out their frustrations on the dry wall.) At home, Mindy and Danny still aren’t sure what to do, but at least they can talk about things rationally now.

Peter leaves, and Mindy goes back to San Francisco. They speak on the phone, and happily realize they’re each other’s best friend. That’s when Peter lays the big news on her: She’s pregnant.


Choice lines:
“It’s like the brothel Don Draper was raised in.” – Mindy
“God, your ear’s like a wax museum. I saw like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie statues in there.” – Morgan
“A very cool group of vaginistas took me in.” – Peter