Mindy has taken 30 pregnancy tests, all of them positive. There’s no denying it now – so she has to figure out how to tell Danny, but she can’t seem to do it over the phone. When she shows up to break the news in person, Danny’s dad and half-sister “Little Danny” are visiting, and she backs down again, so that he can focus on the family situation.

While Danny is showing his dad, Alan, around his office, Annette calls Mindy, and coerces her into bringing all of them to her house for dinner. But Danny doesn’t invite Mindy to the dinner, and so she calls Peter, afraid that she shouldn’t tell him about the pregnancy now. Peter convinces her that she needs to go along, to show Danny that she’s committed to his family.

When they arrive, Annette is putting on a show: She has on a blonde wig and WASP-y clothes, and invites her doctor boyfriend, Robert, to join them. Robert shows them his model trains, and Danny and his father have a bonding moment… after which, Alan asks Danny to take over care of his little sister for awhile, a proposal Mindy isn’t happy with.

Mindy, eager to show that she’s a part of the family, volunteers to kill the eels for dinner. But she puts everything on the line when she calls out Little Danny for faking her emotional breakdown. The two exchange slaps, and Danny encourages Mindy to leave the dinner.

Annette finds out why Danny and Mindy were fighting about Little Danny, and she rushes off after Mindy. She figures out that Mindy’s pregnant, and she’s over the moon. The grandmother-to-be comes home and cracks down on her ex-husband and her son,  inadvertently spilling the beans.

Now it’s Danny’s turn to run out on dinner. He travels all over the city and finally finds Mindy at the office, where he tells her exactly what she’s wanted to hear the entire episode: “We’re a family.”

“I think that that wine-of-the-day club thing I got her is really working.” – Mindy (This should exist.)
“You’re like the dog whisperer, Cesar Chavez. But for kids!” – Alan
“You weren’t exactly Grace Kelly, but when a kid’s a brat, you slap ’em down.” – Annette