Morning sickness is an all-the-time thing for Mindy, which is apparently common for pregnant women in Danny’s family. But that’s merely a hiccup compared to Danny’s new attitude. Specifically, he’s focused on what Mindy is eating, as our leading lady is prone to very unhealthy snacking, and lots of it. According to Peter, Mindy falls into the category of “geriatric obese pregnancy,” which is of course insane, but it’s reason enough for him to give Danny the go-ahead to monitor Mindy’s diet.

Meanwhile, special guest star Vanessa Williams appears as Dr. Susan Phillips, a former med school professor who’s looking for a new opportunity. Mindy brings her in to interview for the opening left by both herself and Peter, but she’s hesitant, as Danny and Jeremy explain in detail the long hours that they put in for the practice and the hospital. She ends up turning the job down, but Mindy isn’t having it.

You see, Mindy is struggling under Danny’s thumb, to say the least. Dr. Phillips’ news upsets her, and she begins to inhale Tamra’s birthday cake, prompting Danny to tell her she has no willpower. She finally gives in and starts to eat vegetables, when she sees Danny smoking. So she says that she’ll stop eating junk food, as long as he quits his own bad habit.

After two weeks without a cigarette, Danny shows Mindy how far he’s come, and tells her she needs to do the same. She starts to cry, and explains how hard it is for her, when one of the doctors, Dr. Bergdahl, who was initially asked to interview for her job, walks through the door. He catches Mindy as she throws up once again, and explains that her nausea is due to stress. He also confronts Danny, and tells him that the two of them need to be easier on each other. Danny decides to hire him on the spot.

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Later, Danny and Mindy share one of their usual break-it-down moments, and confess that they’re both scared, but that they’re counting on one another.

Choice lines:

“It’s my favorite kind of cake: Gigantic.” – Mindy
“I’ve seen you eat out of the garbage. And you’ve seen me eat out of the garbage.” – Mindy, to a raccoon named Pepe
“Gandhi said, “The British are coming.” And that’s how he got independence for India.” – Mindy