If you’ve been watching, Mindy is now pregnant, opening her own fertility clinic, and, well, maintaining a presence at Schulman and Associates. She’s quite proud of the fact that she’s handling so much at once, and wastes no time both showing off her heavily-doctored subway advertisement and inviting her rest of her office to attend the opening celebration for the Lahiri Fertility Clinic. Of course, it takes more to get a business off the ground than fanfare, which Mindy quickly learns as she struggles to book her first patient.

Mindy is distraught, so she turns to Morgan for help. Morgan remembers that his cousin Lou, has been trying to get pregnant with his girlfriend, and refers them to his new boss. They question Mindy’s lack of experience, so she tells a small lie, and leads them to believe that she and Danny had been trying for a baby when she got pregnant, and has therefore had one patient, technically. Morgan is upset that they’ve fibbed to his cousin.

There are also issues with the new man on the team, Dr. Bergdahl – namely that he treats the nurses poorly. When Jeremy approaches him about it, he takes the news well – and then yells at his “inferiors” once again, who threaten to quit if the situation isn’t taken care of. But Beverly, Morgan, and Tamra happen upon Dr. Bergdahl one night, and discover that he’s living out of his car.

At the party for her new clinic, Mindy quickly discovers that word of Danny’s “infertility” has spread, and she has to fix it. Before she can, Danny inadvertently gives a speech that seems to confirm the rumors, and after it, he discovers what she’s been saying. Needless to say, he’s not happy.

The nurses are attempting to fix their situation as well, when they learn that Jeremy has already fired Adrian Bergdahl. He tells them that he’s been having marital problems, and they ask him to come back to the practice. And in exchange for letting him stay in her apartment, Adrian tells Mindy he’ll push all of his patients to visit her clinic.

Of course, by the end of the episode, Mindy and Danny make up. She apologizes for what she said, and he admits that he’s worried they won’t get to spend time together now that she’s working in a different office. Mindy explains that she can fix this: She’s going to rent her apartment to Dr. Bergdahl, so she’ll officially be moving in.


Choice lines:
“I told you Morgan, you can’t jump into my arms when you’re scared!” – Mindy
“Gosh, I’ve never felt this guilty before, and I’m the one who told de Blasio not to care what the po-po thinks.” – Tamra
“…the next thing you know, we’re knockin’ boots underneath ‘The Lion King’ billboard. I guess we were a little Hakuna Matata about protection.” – Danny