the mindy project 3-20

As all pregnant women do, Mindy is starting to put on some weight, and as we all know, this is a sore subject for her. Peter picks this time to announce is upcoming wedding to Lauren, and Jeremy decides they need a new team photo for the practice, all adding to the pressure Mindy already feels to look good in her pregnant state. When her last hope – her designated “skinny dress” – rips while she’s trying it on, Mindy turns to Tamra’s cousin Sheena (Laverne Cox), an aspiring professional stylist, for help.

Jeremy is bothered by the news of Peter’s engagement, so he recruits his colleagues with girlfriends – Danny and Morgan – to help him find a girlfriend at a single’s mixer. They all attend the gathering, which is a pajama party, where they spot Morgan’s girlfriend flirting with another guy. Danny finds out that she’s thinking of dumping Morgan because he’s gained some weight, and convinces her not to by lying and saying that Jeremy is going to fire Morgan the next day. Then a neighbor, played by Cristin Milioti, comes by and breaks up the party, which angers Jeremy so much that he decides to do something about it: He leaves her a note.

After an attitude adjustment with Sheena, Mindy comes home, puts on a leopard-print catsuit, and waits for Danny to get home. To her surprise, he laughs when he sees her, which obviously doesn’t sit well with Mindy. And once again, Danny doesn’t get laid, and Mindy’s confidence is shot.

At work, when Morgan announces that his girlfriend has dumped him despite what Danny told her, and he doesn’t understand why. Danny is honest with him about what Jessica said, and Mindy, Morgan, and Tamra yell at him for fat-shaming. Then they storm out and confront Jessica at her apartment, where Mindy sticks up for Morgan, and realizes that it’s been her lack of confidence that’s hurting her relationship, not Danny.

Meanwhile, Whitney (the neighbor from the night before) shows up to confront Jeremy about the note. They angrily yell at each other, yet somehow, they agree to have dinner that night. The next day, he shows up for the picture looking very disheveled and wearing his clothes from the previous day.


Choice lines:
“We haven’t taken the D train to seduction junction in awhile.” – Danny

“Sheena, you’re deep as hell.” – Tamra
“I know. I used to work in a bookstore, and I read a sentence out of every single one of them books.” – Sheena

“And I’m really smart about the news… I can tell you all about Iraq and Iranistan.” – Mindy