Danny’s under quite a bit of pressure, as he’s about to meet Mindy’s parents for the first time. But before he can fly up to Boston for their going away party, the procedure he’s performing runs late, and he calls Mindy to tell her he can’t make it. Mindy recognizes that Danny is making excuses, and the next day, when Peter overhears her lie to Danny about sending her parents a gift, he discovers she has her own secret: Her folks don’t know about him.

When Peter first arrived, he announced that he needs a new best man for his wedding – and he wants Mindy to do the deed. While he’s there, he finds out that Jeremy won’t be attending, and he’s disappointed, but he has a bigger problem – Morgan really wants to be his best man. He goes to beg Peter for the honor, but before he can, he overhears Mindy telling Peter about her parents… but what he thinks he hears is that Danny isn’t the father of her baby.

Mindy goes to see a new OB/GYN, Dr. Ludmila Trapeznikov (guest star Laura Dern). Her very Greek (yet blonde) doctor informs her that she has pre-eclampsia, and she can’t go to Peter’s wedding in Texas. Then, Mindy’s blood pressure is tested even further when, at her surprise bridal shower, Morgan shows up – with four of Mindy’s ex-boyfriends in tow.

That’s right – one-night stand Lee (Max Greenfield), minister ex-fiancé Casey (Anders Holm), best-friend-lover Jamie (B.J. Novak), and former drug addict/serial cheater Josh (Tom Dewey) all come to Danny’s mother’s house on Long Island to find out which one of them is the father of Mindy’s baby. The woman-in-question realizes why Morgan misunderstood her, and comes clean to Danny. He doesn’t understand why he would lie to her parents, and she explains that she doesn’t want to introduce them to someone until she’s positive it’s forever. That’s when Danny dropped his own bomb: He’s not sure he ever wants to get married again.

Annette and Danny have a heart-to-heart, and she makes him realize that he needs to do something big. So he takes off on a plane – not to Austin for the wedding, like he tells Mindy, but to India: to introduce himself to her parents.

“No, a best man that’s a girl? What’s next – is the maid of honor gonna be a chair? Thanks a lot, Ryan Murphy.” – Danny
“When your heart is full of lies, it makes it difficult for your feet to be light with dance.” – Peter
“I want you to love me in a way that I can show on Instagram.” – Mindy