shamelessI’m not really a Scotch drinker but even I have to admit that a bottle of $10,100 bottle of Scotch sounds like something worth drinking. That’s when it occurred to me that Shameless may be attempting something I never thought they would do… make Frank Gallagher sympathetic.

Not only does it seem that Frank is genuinely smitten with Bianca but his depth of knowledge regarding the “medicinal arts” is becoming a useful virtue. Is it possible that Frank Gallagher could redeem himself before the series ends?

Just in case you think Bianca’s lust for life is too tame, we treated to an extended sequence of her and Frank having sex while almost getting hit by a train. It’s beginning to look like Frank has met his match.

As amazing as it is to see Sasha Alexander in such a different role, I’m getting tired of Lipp’s general bouncing between the “South Side” & college. It’s great that we get to see him experience what, to him, is a life very different than what he’s used to, but watching him run back to put out another Gallagher fire is getting old. I’m not too impressed with the awkward married couple scenario either.

As Lipp makes his patented concerned face while holding his designer suit, I can only hope the event that the suit is for doesn’t end up being one more tired “fish out of water” trope. Instead, we’re treated to his other standby, “I’m South Side & proud.” Hopefully Norbert will hook him up with a job that he can screw up and then he’ll go back home.

Veronica & Kevin start out together just not “together” and end up really together. In any event, it’s a treat to watch Kev drag V, kicking and screaming, into parenthood and, by the way, who would have thought Svetlana would become such a likeable character?

The saddest storyline of this episode has to be Ian going to military prison. The way Shameless has shone a light on Ian’s mental illness and it’s effects on the Gallaghers is far beyond anything on network TV. It was especially touching watching Ian reconnect with Monica and while I doubt their road trip will end well, I’m interested in catching up with Monica.

Calling the MP’s may have been the worst thing Sammi has done thus far but it finally succeeded in making feel a little bad about everything she’s gone through. When she ended up accidentally murdered, I felt even worse and when I heard her voice in that crate, I laughed out loud.

The dating adventures of Fiona & Sean are much less interesting than their individual family dramas and while Fiona’s marriage may have been a hasty decision, it’s possible that it may save her from ruining the only decent relationship she’s ever had with a man. Can she help him stay clean? I’ll be watching to find out.