shameless-recapAs the show begins, Fiona & Gus are going at it, which leads me to believe things might work out for them. Lip and Helene, however, not so much.

I sympathize with Lip. Having sex while being watched would be weird for me. I’m too self- conscious already but being scrutinized by your partner’s husband? No thanks. But at least Lip is having more fun than poor Mickey.

Since Ian’s been gone, Mickey has been having trouble dealing, even going so far as to ave sex with women again. Not that Ian is faring any better hitchhiking across the country with his mom.

It seems Debbie has finally made that important connection she has been searching for with Derek, but the less said about that, the better. As a father of teenage girls, I simply can’t acknowledge the idea of a 14 year old being pregnant.

Last but not least Frank and Bianca have actually become, in a weird way, a sweet couple. But how can it last? Once Frank is reminded that the only thing he ever loved was getting high, will he have anymore use for her? More importantly, how will he get back to Chicago after he realizes the only place he an afford to drink is at The Alibi? Lucky for Frank, Bianca saves him from a teary farewell and swims off to her death. TO his credit, Frank took it like a man and headed straight home.

Just when I think I’ve seen the saddest thing Shameless has to offer, I get to see Ian watch his Mom, give a trucker a handy so they can eat something. Luckily, she only sold him some meth. I don’t really see what Ian’s problem is with his potential new step dad cooking & selling meth. This seems like a great chance to get it on the family business.

While it’s being laid on a little thick, I feel bad for Amanda. Lip is too smart not to notice how neglected she’s feeling and maybe this is his way of breaking things off. As so many of the character on Shameless transition into adulthood, Lip’s journey has to be the hardest. He actually has a chance to do something great but not if he still behaves like a dumb kid. Amanda’s meltdown in the library was great. Not only did she say what needed to be said but the round of applause by the other students was a nice touch.

Kevin & V’s trip to the clinic was a laugh. Nothing brings a couple closer together than knowing exactly what they can catch from each other. I wish we could see more of V’s mom on the show. She’s a great character and V obviously can use some advice. Their last scene, however, gave me hope that if Kev & V can finally work together, they can stay together.

It’s time for Fiona to pick a guy and, as Sean said, “grow up.” It was smart of Sean and Gus to put the decision on her, otherwise, she’ll keep making everyone miserable. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next season to see how that ended.

It’s also time for Ian & Mickey to make some kind of commitment. As their conversation indicated, they both have a lot of problems not the least of which was a pissed off Sammi looking for revenge.

As the credits roll, Frank comes home, Deb reacts to her pregnancy test and Carl & Chucky initiate a race riot. Just another day for the Gallaghers.