game-of-thronesGrey Worm Lives!

As Daenerys mourns the death of Ser Barristan, she decides it’s time to show the city of Mereen who’s in charge. She has the Unsullied round up the leaders of every family in the city and takes them to meet her dragons. In an awesome show of force, the dragons roast and eat one of the leaders and as the Queen threatens to feed Hizdahr to her children, he utters the familiar words, “All men must die.” Having made her point, she leaves her babies to finish their meal.

Grey Worm awakens in bed and after hearing that Ser Barristan has died, he confesses to Missandei that he was afraid he would never see her again. They share a kiss and Missandei leaves for a meeting with the Queen.

Missandei then faces Daenerys with the harsh truth that she doesn’t always know what’s best and if she’s going to ask for advice, she needs to take it once in awhile, To wit, she releases, the heads of the families, reopens the fighting pits and decides to marry Hizdahr in order to show her commitment to the city.

At the Wall, Sam & Aemon discuss how dangerous Daenerys is becoming and are interrupted by Jon Snow looking for counsel. Before hearing the specifics, Aemon gives Jon the titular advice, “Kill the Boy. This seems to confirm that taking Stannis’ offer is the right choice.

He then meets with Tormund in order to secure a Wildling army to help take back Winterfell. He explains his plan to the Knights and is met with strong resistance, especially from young Pyp. Jon tries to make sense of this by telling Pyp that “Winter is coming.” ‘Nuff said.

While having a conversation with Gilly, Sam is visited by Stannis who wants to know how Sam killed a White Walker. He encourages Sam to keep investigating as he knows that his victory over the Lannisters will be short lived if he can’t defend against the frosty zombies.

Stannis decides it’s time for his army to make their way to Winterfell and he wants to take his family along. He says he wants to keep them away from the Knights Watch but he’s too smart not to use his daughter’s affliction to his advantage. As he exits, Jon Snow assures Stannis that they will fight together eventually.

Still trailing Sansa in Winterfell, Brienne and Podrick manage to get an old man (and loyal friend to House Stark) to deliver a message to the betrothed wife of young Ramsey. Ramsey, meanwhile, is dealing with the age old problem of what to do with your girlfriend when your supposed to marry a Stark. Perhaps, Ramsey could use the counsel of Tyrion? After a particularly cruel statement of facts, Ramsey drives his point home, so to speak.

Speaking of Sansa, she receives news that the servants and residents of Winterfell are still loyal to the Starks. As she visits the tower where Jamie crippled her brother, Ramsey’s lady friend shows up with a surprise for her. They head down to the kennels, where Theon (aka Reek) is sleeping and have the most awkward reunion ever.

Later that day, Reek confesses to Ramsey about his meeting with Sansa. Over dinner, Ramsey happily uses this information to further torture Reek and make Sansa even sadder. Reek apologizes for killing the young Stark boys, even though they still live and Ramsey decides that Reek will give Sansa away at their wedding. As a cherry on the top of a bad news sundae, Roose announces that he will soon have a natural male heir.

In private, Roose explains Ramsey’s lineage and lays out his plan to defend Winterfell from Stannis and why he needs his son’s help. Ramsey seems overjoyed by the story of his conception and is happy to help his father.

On the road to Mereen, Tyrion and Jorah have made their way to the ruins of Valyria. After a brief Valyrian history lesson, they get a good look at Drogon flying directly over their heads. Both of them are rendered speechless by the awesomeness of the dragon. So much so that they are surprised by an attack from the Stone Men.

After an exciting battle of tag, the pair end up alive on a Valyrian beach and are forced to walk the rest of the way to Mereen. As he sets off to find firewood, Jorah reveals to us that he was, indeed, touched by a Stone Man and is already developing the scaly affliction.

I admit, I haven’t read any of the books, so forgive me if this sounds stupid but stone usually beats fire, right?