Revenge-Plea-Emily VanCamp and James Tupper
Even before the first scene from “Plea” flashed across the screen, a dark ominous cloud lingered over last night’s newest offering of Revenge. What was supposed to be the second to last episode of season four is now the penultimate of the series; on Wednesday ABC announced the show’s cancellation.  Executive Producer Sunil Nayar stated emphatically that this point in the narrative of Revenge is a suitable final resting place.  All worship of the series’ season long swing in the right direction in the hopes of a completely different plot coming next season has disappeared.  In its place is the worry that this haphazard ending won’t be enough to forgive the bumps along the brief journey.

Margaux (Karine Vanasse) became a blond Victoria quick, and is nearly better than the Ice Queen herself.  For one, Margaux does a heck of a job tricking me into thinking she’s turned a new leaf, something this recapper has never fallen for the dozen times Victoria has claimed the like.  If Louise (Elena Satine) wasn’t so busy pretending Victoria was her own personal Mother Theresa, she might have noticed Margaux’s involvement in Victoria’s very obviously, extremely suspicious “suicide.”  Margaux does her part to keep Louise at bay though, sending the southern belle to visit Charlotte in rehab for permission to enter Victoria’s penthouse.  Margaux probably could have secured that over the phone, but it gave Revenge a chance to tie up the loose end of Victoria last living relative of importance.  (Sorry Patrick.)  Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) looks healthy and doesn’t want to return to the Hamptons or pretend her mother was anything but evil incarnate, so obviously Charlotte is truly well.  Using Charlotte’s permission as executor of Victoria’s estate, Louise gains entry into the penthouse just in time for her ex-husband Nolan to talk some sense into her.  Even though Louise pushes Nolan out mid break-in, his reminder that his ex-wife’s mother substitute was a monster came crashing down when Louise happened upon the shroud of the so called attacker Victoria faced in that garage in Victoria’s closet.  Running to Ben with evidence of the truth was the right thing to do even if Louise allowed Margaux to bamboozle her yet again immediately after.  Margaux’s ominous phone call to a killer for hire didn’t seem to leave Louise in the best position either.

“Out on bail, fresh out of jail,” even before Revenge’s title card floats toward the camera, Emily’s men are still all a dither.  Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is on hand to ensure Emily can escape the terms of her bail—namely her ankle bracelet.  Facilitating the duplication of the signal and linking it to another bracelet to be left at the lake house, Nolan only pops up once more.  His aforementioned rendezvous with Louise, curtailing his reconnaissance mission in the Ice Queen’s penthouse is just as brief.  A magnum opus could be written about how short sighted it is to bench Emily’s best counterpart and the show’s fan favorite, as has been done by me every other time this mistake has been made.  Driving the dagger of disappointment home, Nolan interrupts the only truly honest moment Emily has spent in Jack’s company.  Minutes after Jack (Nick Wechsler) claimed the only reason he stayed was to monitor David’s (James Tupper) health, he took Emily out on the porch for The Talk.  The porch swing sagged under their weight and that of this extremely belated conversation—Jack admits he knows Emily tried to stop his L.A. escape and Emily finally tells him what everyone’s been screaming at their television for four seasons.  Nolan’s interruption made these star-crossed lovebirds settle for a limp hand squeeze instead of their almost passionate lip lock.  Bad timing is the hidden theme of this final, intricate plot though.  David’s Lymphoma, viciously lampooned for its emotional plumbing last week, makes more sense now that the series will soon expire.  He tried to play his parental authority card to stop Emily’s ankle bracelet folly, but she just slaps the fake bracelet on David, trapping him at the lake house.  Even when it’s clear Ben’s hot on her tail, David still lied for his daughter.  Visiting her in jail is no better—seizing during one talk through thick jailhouse glass meant the revelation that the cancer has traveled to David’s brain during the next.  So with David’s health and future hanging in the balance after over three years of separation from Emily, that ending better include some sort of magical cure.  Jack puts in most of the light work this week though, plumbing his ex-girlfriend for all the intel the Revengers needed.  He guesses Margaux’s involvement, pinning her car as the one that delivered Mason to trailer park freedom and setting Margaux up for arrest at a jewelry store.

Even while plagued with the weight of the justice system, Emily (Emily VanCamp) still does the heavy lifting.  With only one week left it needs to be stated plainly: no one cares about the laws Emily has broken.  Shallow though it has been at times, this show has never been about a heroine that lives in a world of black in white.  The war Emily fought landed wholly in the biggest moral gray area fictitious life could have created.  Anyone would expect her to shirk the law and find her adversaries.  During her brief sojourn from the law, it only took a few words with Mason’s (Roger Bart) former neighbors at the trailer park to figure out Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is still very much alive.  Though Ben threw Emily in jail immediately after, she still operated like a boss inside.  When Margaux showed up in the cell next to Emily’s, the head Revenger produces a key and opens Margaux’s cell for a face.  Under threat of a sock, battery, and key beating Margaux confessed to being Victoria’s fake garage attacker and Victoria’s use of an unclaimed body to fake her death.  Telling Nosy Officer Ben (Brian Hallisay) does nothing until Louise pops into the station with her piece of evidence.  Too bad Ben’s diligent detective work tracing the evidence lead him to be stabbed in the back, right as he discovers the living Victoria.  That phone call Margaux made that seemed to put Louise in danger was instead to keep the Ice Queen from being discovered, by way of the knife wielding assassin White Gold also known as Courtney Love.  Hope was high that she’d return before the end of the season, and with the series end looming just a week away it’s almost reassuring to think she might be a part of the finale.  The preview bills the last episode as a showdown between the two pillars of the show, the complicated women that are only equaled by one another.  Considering this last faceoff is one in a million Emily and Victoria have mounted, it’s hard to imagine any real fireworks.  Proving me wrong could be the show’s final Revenge.