If you weren’t obsessed with finding treasure after watching The Goonies, what kind of child were you? The Goonies celebrates its 30th anniversary this week!

It came out two years before I was born, but that didn’t stop it from becoming one of my all-time favorite movies. Watching the adventure, the Truffle Shuffle, the Fratellis and Sloth all made you yearn to be a Goonie. Whether you were the fat one, the beauty, the brains, or the hot older brother, you saw yourself in one of those kids.

It’s been almost 30 years since The Goonies was released. And no matter how many years go by, when you see a Baby Ruth, you have to say its name in a Sloth-like manner and smile. But where are those Goonies today, those kids who made us believe that an adventure was just around the corner? Some are still going strong, while some have said adios to the spotlight. Let’s take a look.


What thicker kid didn’t admire the tenacity of Chunk, played by Jeff Cohen? And more importantly, how many kids (and adults) to this day will do the Truffle Shuffle at the smallest mention of it? Chunk was really the heart of The Goonies. He’s the one who reached out and befriended Sloth, after all. After the movie, Cohen continued to act, up until a TV movie in 1991 called Perfect Harmony. After that, he led a pretty normal life. He dropped all the chunk, graduated from UCLA School of Law, and went on to be an entertainment lawyer.

If you didn’t know Corey Feldman as Mouth, then you knew him from his antics as one of the one half of “The Coreys.” He also had a good run in the 80’s thanks to Stand By Me, Gremlins, The Lost Boys and, of course, this film. Feldman’s personal life seemed to take the spotlight away for a while though, but he managed to stay relevant by appearing on Vh1’s The Surreal Life. Remember that circus of reality TV? In the last few years he’s been on a few episodes of Disney’s So Random, and up next he’s got Zero Dark Dirty coming out. No, it’s not the porn parody of Zero Dark Thirty (I thought the same thing).


Sean Astin played the lead role of Mikey. Without him, One Eyed Willie’s treasure would’ve never been found, and I wouldn’t have had one of my first crushes. Surprisingly, Astin stayed pretty busy, and never took a break after The Goonies. But most of us didn’t know he made it out of the 80’s until The Lord of the Rings trilogy, where he played ever-faithful Hobbit Samwise Gamgee. Since then, he’s done a lot of voice work, such as Special Agent Oso and Raphael in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Why work too hard when you have LOTR laurels to rest on?

Josh Brolin was Mikey’s older brother Brand(on), and was able to make a sweatband look totally rad. Oh 1985, you were wonderful.  After The Goonies, he went on to The Young Riders from 1989-1992. Like Astin, he continued to work, and then really made a name for himself with 2007’s No Country for Old Men. He continued the western path with True Grit, and most recently, he played a young Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black 3. Currently, he’s gearing up for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Anyone else hate Kerri Green growing up? She played Andy, and both got to kiss Sean Astin and be the only star in Brand’s sky. While she might’ve been the popular girl who took fortuitous piano lessons, she didn’t have much luck after The Goonies. She got sporadic jobs in the early 90’s on Mad About You and Murder, She Wrote, but took a break in 1994, not returning to screens until 2000, on an episode of ER. The last movie she did was Complacent, in 2010. She’s been busier behind the scenes, having started a production company called Independent Women Artists.


Did anyone else think Martha Plimpton died after The Goonies? Just me? Well, she wasn’t just “the other girl,” Stef. Back then, she had a high-profile relationship with River Phoenix, and did a good job at keeping the acting jobs aplenty. As an adult, she landed some episodes of ER (which seems to be a go-to place for struggling character actors) in 1999. She has a recurring role on The Good Wife, but she didn’t get her big second wind until Raising Hope proved to be a winner on FOX. That’s where Plimpton is today, playing a teen mom all grown up, and now helping raise her granddaughter…. whose mother happens to be a dead serial killer. You know, normal every day stuff we all go through.

You may have never really understood what Data said, but Jonathan Ke Quan made the role memorable anyways. Ke Quan didn’t do much after The Goonies, but that’s okay. He had this and an Indiana Jones movie under his belt before he could even drive – how much more do you need? His acting career took a dive after some TV runs in Together We Stand and Head of the Class. He did two movies a decade apart: Encino Man in ’92 and Second Time Around in ’02. Like Green, he headed behind the scenes, with a degree from USC. He worked on the stunts for X-Men and The One.